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Syrian media claims Israel initiated ‘electronic warfare’ against state radars rendering air defence systems ineffective

Damascus: The Syrian military has accused Israel of carrying out strong attacks on a military base in southern Syria. Also, the Syrian army is said to have used the air defence systems to repel the attacks. However, Israel launched an electronic attack rendering the radar installations of the air defence systems in Syria defunct. The Syrian regime mouthpiece referred to the incident and thus accused Israel of initiating electronic warfare against Syria.

The missile attack was launched on the mountaintop area in the Daraa province near the southern Syrian border, early Wednesday morning. ‘The area is located close to the Golan Heights under Israeli territory and is considered to be strategically significant for the Syrian military. Therefore, Israel has attacked the Syrian military base in the region’, claimed the Syrian military. The locals have argued that the Syrian army has suffered extensive damages in the attack.

The Syrian military has claimed to have neutralised the Israeli missiles using the air defence battery. Nevertheless, the official news agency of the Syrian government has presented a different narrative. The news agency has claimed that Israel initiated electronic warfare against Syria and used its capabilities to render the Syrian military’s radar installations ineffective.

The Israeli military has not yet commented on the allegations levelled by both the Syrian army and the state-run mouthpiece. Even in the last week, the Syrian news agency had accused Israel of attacking a military base in the northern Syrian city of Homs. The human rights organisations said that the Israeli military carried out crushing rocket attacks, to devastate a Hezbollah base in the region but Israel had not responded to that allegation as well.

Previously, Israel had been accused of destroying the Russian made air defence system deployed in Syria. The Israel military had, however, accepted the responsibility of the attack by releasing a video. Albeit, this is the first time Israel has been accused of starting electronic warfare in the Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile, Russia is continuing with its attacks on the terrorist groups in the Idlib province in northern Syria. Around 25 people were killed in the strikes launched by the Russian fighters in Idlib’s Jabala area on Tuesday. Furthermore, reports of the Syrian military launching rocket attacks on Kabani have also been received.

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