Fear spreads across Pakistan as anxiety grows over possible Indian attack

Fear spreads across Pakistan as anxiety grows over possible Indian attack

Islamabad – Pakistan is panic-stricken, fearing that India, along with Israel may soon carry out attacks on Karachi, Bahawalpur and other locations. Quoting their sources, the Pakistani news channels have published reports about this. Even the Pakistani Air Force chief instructed the PAF to remain in a state of readiness stating that the threat to their country had not yet averted. If India attacks, we would retaliate, Pakistan threatened. However, in reality, Pakistan is shuddering with the mere thought of an Indian attack.

On 27th February 2019, Pakistan was celebrating the downing of an Indian MiG-21 aircraft after intruding into the Indian airspace. Pakistan’s former military officials, analysts and leaders were claiming that India had been taught a lesson. What’s more, Pakistani Railway Minister announced in their parliament that the Pakistani population was displeased that war did not spark between the two countries. Nevertheless, the ground reality in Pakistan was now beginning to surface.

Reports of the Indian Air Force fighter jets attacking Fort Abbas in Pakistan’s Punjab province were circulating on social media. Following the incident, panic quickly spread in the area, which is located only a few kilometres away from Bahawalpur. As a result, the Pakistani agencies were forced to make an urgent announcement to clarify that the Indian fighter jets had not violated the Pakistani airspace.

The incidence is an instance demonstrating the anticipation in threat among the Pakistani populace of an Indian attack. Besides, some Pakistani news channels and dailies have claimed that India is planning to strike Karachi, Bahawalpur and other locations in Pakistan in coordination with Israel and that the attacks would be initiated from a military base in Rajasthan.

The concerned news channels and dailies are said to have quoted government sources for the information. It highlights the dread among the Pakistani population. Furthermore, the Pakistani Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan said that the PAF should keep their guard up as the challenges to the nation were not over yet.

The Pakistani media has asserted that although there have been no talks with India, the message that Pakistan would retaliate if India attacked, has been delivered to the Indian government. Besides, even before India could attack, the effects of war are apparently showing on the Pakistani economy and trade. Therefore, to avoid an attack, Pakistan is trying to appeal to the international community in all possible ways to mediate in the matter. Pakistan would withdraw its troops from the Afghanistan border and relocate them to the Indian border instead, Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, Maleeha Lodhi said as she threatened the United States.

The Pakistani military deployed at the Afghan border ensures that peace prevails in Afghanistan. Also, if the Pak Army were withdrawn, it would pose a risk to the security of Afghanistan and the US troops deployed there, Pakistani envoy Lodhi argued. Nevertheless, given the current scenario, the withdrawal of Pak military from the Afghan border would prove more detrimental to their security than that of Afghanistan.

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