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Hong Kong regime only ‘suspends’ controversial Extradition Bill after massive protests across city-state; China supports move

Hong Kong: After people of Hong Kong held intense and extensive protests across the city-state, the local administration suspended the controversial bill, with provision to extradite criminal suspects to China. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the suspension of the legislation and expressed severe regret over the controversy created around it. China’s reaction on the matter came within a few hours of the announcement, wherein the mainland voiced their support for the decision. Nevertheless, analysts have warned that even though China’s attempt to interfere in Hong Kong’s matters has been foiled as of now, such incidents were quite likely to occur in the future.

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Even though Hong Kong is a part of China, the administrative system in the city is entirely different from the mainland. The people of Hong Kong fear that China is trying to destroy the system and bring the city-state in the fold of the communist regime. Also, the extradition bill has made evident that the fears of the people of Hong Kong are legitimate. Hong Kongers had, therefore, taken to the streets, and held massive protests across the city to protect their rights.

After last week’s ‘Million March’, protests continued in succession in Hong Kong. The police responded aggressively to dismantle the protests, which were a part of an extensive agitation. Severe repercussions of the police action against the demonstrators were felt in Hong Kong and the world over. The United States expressed grave concerns over the police action while the UK demanded intervention. Furthermore, the Chinese state-run media had begun accusing the western powers of having a hand in the protests.

However, the attempts of the pro-China Hong Kong administration as also the Chinese government were ultimately foiled, and the local administration was forced to retreat. Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam’s justification for the police action against the demonstrators, even as the administration suspended the bill, is a cause for concern. It is thus indicative of such incidents possibly repeating in Hong Kong in the near future.

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