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17,000 killed in Mexico in last six months, while 94 killed on average a day

Mexico City: Considering the tensions that have developed with the United States over immigrants, a staggering 17,000 people have been reportedly killed in Mexico over the past six months. More than 3,000 people were killed in June alone. It is the first instance of killings on such a massive scale in the state in a single month. The issues of immigrant influx and border security with the United States may flare up once again given the rising crime rate in Mexico.

The Mexico News Daily published the recent statistics, quoting sources in the interior ministry. Mexico’s new President, Andres Lopez Obrador had promised to improve the security after taking over the office in December. However, the internal security worsened in the country in the last six months alone. The decisions taken by Obrador are being questioned at large because the incidences of killings are the most in the areas of Guanajuato and Mexico City itself.

The local agencies have informed that more than 33,000 people were slaughtered in Mexico in the last year. The numbers are said to be the highest in the previous two decades. Also, the killings that occurred in the first six months of this year have far exceeded the number for the corresponding period in the last year and thus this year is anticipated to likely witness a record-breaking statistics as well.

In Mexico, criminal gangs involved in drug trafficking are tremendously dominant as also ones that steal fuel, which forms a significant part of organised crime. The criminal gangs that traffic drugs are known as Cartels in the country. The local agencies informed that the conflict between two cartels, Jalisco Cartel New Generation and Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, was mainly responsible for the massacres this year. Furthermore, the new statistics show that even the deployment of the military, which was meant to curb the cartels, did not cause any significant impact.

Last year, US President Donald Trump had adopted a stiff stance and warned to stop the immigrant infiltration from Mexico. President Trump’s policy of pressurising Mexico is yielding results, as of now, and an independent security system has been put in place, to prevent the influx. Albeit, the number of killings demonstrates the internal security system in Mexico seems to have collapsed entirely.

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