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Israel targets terrorist locations in Gaza and Lebanon after Gaza fires 3 rockets

Jerusalem: Terrorists from the Gaza Strip fired three missiles on Israel. Infuriated by the attack, the Israeli military targeted the Hamas locations in Gaza. In the next few minutes, their fighter jets carried out air raids on the bases of the Palestinian terrorist organisation, PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) in Lebanon. By making simultaneous attacks in Gaza and Lebanon in the same night, Israel has sent the message that it was prepared to fight wars on both the fronts simultaneously.

Gaza and Lebanon, fired missiles, PFLP, Gaza Strip, terrorist activities, Israel, Islamic Jihad

As per an Israel military report, three rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip late-night on Sunday targeting the city of Sderot. The Iron Dome missile defence system batteries, the Israeli military had earlier deployed on the border, neutralised two of the rockets in mid-air. One of them exploded on the Route 34 highway. After rockets were fired from Gaza, the warning sirens went off in Sderot and neighbouring cities. The Israeli citizens thus immediately took cover in the underground bunkers avoiding any casualties.

A few minutes after that, the Israeli military launched attacks on the Gaza Strip. In a joint action, the Israeli military and fighter jets also targeted the Hamas locations in the area. The attack destroyed the Hamas command centre and an arms warehouse in northern Gaza. Furthermore, the Israeli military informed that Hamas had anticipated their retaliatory attacks and had relocated the terrorists at the location.

Gaza and Lebanon, fired missiles, PFLP, Gaza Strip, terrorist activities, Israel, Islamic Jihad

Within few minutes from that, the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes in the town of Kusaya in the mountainous region of Bekaa Valley, in northern Lebanon. The Israeli fighter jets and drones launched the assaults. The attacks targeted the locations of the pro-Iran terrorist organisation, the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). A video was posted on social media, which shows the headquarters of PFLP being destroyed in the attack although the Hezbollah media have reported that there were no casualties involved.

In the past, evidence was found of the Palestinian organisation PFLP being involved in terrorist activities against Israel. Therefore, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and the European Union (EU) have already declared the PFLP a terrorist organisation.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli military officials had warned that Israel would have to fight wars on multiple fronts. The officials stated that the Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza, Hezbollah from Lebanon, as also Hezbollah, Iran and its proxies from Syria, would all target Israel simultaneously. By attacking terrorist locations in Gaza as well as Lebanon on Sunday night, Israel demonstrated that it had the capability and grit to fight wars on multiple fronts at the same time.

Hezbollah chief threatens Israel of retaliation for  Lebanon attack

Gaza and Lebanon, fired missiles, PFLP, Gaza Strip, terrorist activities, Israel, Islamic JihadBeirut: Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel. He stated that they would soon retaliate to the Israeli drone attack which challenged the sovereignty of Lebanon after intruding into its airspace. The Hezbollah chief announced that no Israeli drone would be able to return to Israel from Lebanon anymore, all of them would be shot down.

While addressing the people of Lebanon through a video, Nasrallah criticised the Israeli drone attacks. Israel had sent the drones with the intent of carrying out suicide attacks on the Hezbollah locations. However, Israel was unsuccessful in achieving its objective, Nasrallah claimed. On Saturday night, one of the drones crashed on the Hezbollah building in Beirut while the second drone crashed in a deserted area.

Israel has not disclosed any information on Hezbollah’s claims on the two drones as yet.


Israel will have to face the consequences for attacks in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon: Iranian General Qassem Soleimani

Tehran: General Qassem Soleimani, the chief of the Iran’s Quds Force, has threatened Israel. He said, ‘Israel has proved its foolishness by carrying out attacks in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Israel has thus taken steps towards its destruction and should be ready for the consequences.’

Gaza and Lebanon, fired missiles, PFLP, Gaza Strip, terrorist activities, Israel, Islamic JihadIn a social media post, Soleimani claimed that Israel was making last-ditch efforts to survive. What’s more, Israel eliminated the Iranian soldiers in preparation for launching suicide drone attacks on Israel from Syria, early morning on Sunday. General Soleimani’s statement came in response to the move.

Under the leadership of General Soleimani, Iran and Hezbollah had planned to launch drone attacks on Israel. The Israel military has claimed that General Soleimani visited the base near Damascus before the Israeli airstrike. Nevertheless, Iran denies having any military base in Syria.

Dismissing Iran’s claims as fallacious, Israel announced that the assault in Syria left one Iranian soldier and two Hezbollah terrorists dead. Moreover, the Israel military has even published the names and photographs of the terrorists.

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