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UK Prime Minister Johnson decides to suspend Parliament over Brexit

London: With barely two months for to UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to suspend the British parliament. Queen Elizabeth, the head of the British Royal Family, has endorsed the decision of the Prime Minister. Accordingly, the British parliament would remain suspended between the 9th September to 12th October this year. British Prime Minister’s decision has caused turmoil within the British political circles, and British’s pound as also the stock markets have crashed.

Johnson, who took over as the Prime Minister in July, had asserted that under any circumstances the United Kingdom would leave the EU on or before 31st October. After that, Prime Minister Johnson and his colleagues from the cabinet have focussed on the matter announcing that a No Deal Brexit was the best alternative for the UK to exit from the EU. However, Johnson’s opponents are making frantic efforts for the last few days to avoid the British exit with a No Deal under any circumstances.

Schemes such as defeating Johnson in a Brexit vote in the parliament, bringing in a no-confidence motion against him and many others have begun to surface. Currently, the Johnson government has a majority but by a very slim margin of one vote in the UK parliament. Taking advantage of the situation, the opposition has joined hands with the members opposing Johnson from within his party. They have warned of using extreme options over No Deal and for stopping Prime Minister Johnson. On the sidelines of the developments, Johnson’s decision to suspend the parliament came as a significant blow to the political opponents.

As per the proposal the British Prime Minister had submitted to the Queen, the parliament is to remain suspended from 9th September to 12th October. After that, a new session of the parliament would begin from 14th October, with the Queen’s address. The British constitution follows the tradition of declaring a brief holiday for the British parliament before the Queen’s speech. Nevertheless, the approval Johnson sought for the suspension of the parliament for a period extending beyond one month,  has sparked off a major controversy. Johnson’s political opponents have showered stinging criticism against him terming him a dictator and the decision an offence against their democracy.

The effects of Johnson’s decision were observed even on the British economy and the currency, Sterling Pound, which fell by more than 1% in just a few hours. The British stock markets are on a downward spiral, and the investors apparently would have to brace for a significant blow as a result. The political parties and groups opposed to Brexit have taken to the streets in protest, and forceful demonstrations have begun across the United Kingdom.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump has welcomed Johnson’s decision and commended him, calling him the most appropriate leader for the United Kingdom. On the contrary, the European Union has given a sharp reaction criticising the decision of being incredibly tragic.

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