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Saudi air raids pro-Iran forces in Syria killing five militiamen

London: Saudi Arabia conducted airstrikes on the position of an Iran-affiliated group at Abu Kamal near the Syria-Iraq border. Five militants, belonging to the pro-Iran Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), were killed in the airstrikes. An Arabic news agency published the report quoting western sources.

The report says that the Saudi fighter jets carried out the strikes on Thursday early morning. Also, fighter jets of Saudi allies are said to have participated in the airstrikes alongside Saudi. The pro-Iran PMF has set up a base at the Abu Kamal military base and accumulated a large stash of arms arsenal here.

Additionally, the news organisation reported that an extensive number of missiles, drones, batteries and other weaponry were destroyed in the airstrike carried out by Saudi and its allies.

The news agency further went on to claim that the targeted location was used for launching the attacks on the Abqaiq oil facility of Saudi Arabia’s oil giant Aramco. Moreover, Saudi has accused Iran of solely being responsible for the attacks on the oil infrastructure. Saudi has not revealed any information on the matter.

It becomes the second major invasion on Abu Kamal in the last two days. Only a few hours ago, Israeli fighter jets conducted an airstrike on the military base. The Israeli Air Force had delivered a significant blow to Iran even in the last week by launching fierce airstrikes on the locations of PMF in Syria.

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