US & UK controlling Ukraine: Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov 

Sergey Lavrov

Moscow / Kyiv – Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov strictly accused the United States and the United Kingdom of prolonging the Russia-Ukraine conflict and controlling Ukraine. Lavrov also pointed out that Western countries have acknowledged that Ukraine is used in a hybrid war against Russia. Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev has also confirmed Lavrov’s allegations. Western countries have declared a proxy war against Russia, and Ukraine is being used for that, Patrushev accused.  

Sergey Lavrov

More than 80 days have passed since the Russia-Ukraine conflict. During this period, Russia seized several cities in eastern and southern Ukraine. Russia has also begun missile strikes in the Lviv region of western Ukraine and also in the vicinity of the capital, Kyiv. In the past few days, it has also surfaced that Ukrainian forces have begun launching attacks in villages across the Russian border. Russia has continually escalated the intensity of the conflict, and a clear warning that it will not withdraw until the objectives of the Ukraine campaign have been met has been given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

While the war intensifies, the peace talks have come to a complete halt. Russia and Ukraine have begun blaming each other for this. With this backdrop, the statements made by the Russian Foreign Minister are noteworthy. At the talks in Istanbul, Ukraine had proposed ‘acceptable principles for reaching agreements. (However, he said that the concept was not acceptable to Western countries.) We have information coming through various channels that Washington and especially London ‘lead’ the Ukrainian negotiators and control their freedom of manoeuvre, said Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister.  

He further said that the US and the UK decided on the movements in Ukraine. ‘They want to drag out the conflict, and it seems to them that the longer it will last, the more damage they will inflict on Russian servicemen,’ and that the US, the UK and the West as a whole have not ‘put forward any proposals’ for a peace deal, he said. Lavrov also pointed out that the US, British and European leaders have repeatedly stated that Russia should not win the war. Russia’s Foreign Minister said that a hybrid war is being waged against Russia and that Western countries have often acknowledged that Ukraine is part of it.  

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, echoed Foreign Minister Lavrov’s statement. He said that the Western nations, including the United States, have launched a wide-ranging campaign against Russia and imposed several sanctions. It only proves that Ukraine is only a reason for starting a proxy war against Russia. 

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