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PM Boris Johnson’s historic victory in UK elections ascertains campaign promise to ‘get Brexit done’

UK elections, victory, Boris Johnson, Brexit, get Brexit done, London, ScotlandLondon: The UK elections were fought on the sole factor of Brexit, and the people of UK have voted for the Conservative Party with a sweeping majority. After the election results were announced on Thursday, the Conservative Party had won 364 seats from the total of 650 seats in the UK parliament. The results were welcomed from across the globe with the US, Israel, Russia, India, Australia congratulating Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his ‘irrefutable’ win.   

The voter turnout for UK‘s Thursday polls was 67%, and exit polls released on late Thursday predicted the ruling Conservative Party’s win. Within hours of the election results being announced, the British voters were found to have undeniably voted in favour of Boris Johnson endorsing his leadership. The results have handed the Conservative Party a sweeping majority after nearly three decades and were a historic win for them.   

UK elections, victory, Boris Johnson, Brexit, get Brexit done, London, ScotlandThe win for Boris Johnson, who fought the elections with the core message and campaign promise to “get Brexit done“, and his supporters is believed to be very crucial. At the same time, the results have delivered a significant blow to the Labour and the Liberal Democratic parties that have been opposing Brexit. Also, the results have landed the Labour Party with the most crushing defeat since 1935 and proved a significant downfall for them mounting pressure on their leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign. The Liberal Democratic leader Jo Swinson has conceded defeat and accepted responsibility for the loss of her party.  

Along with the overwhelming support for Brexit, Scotland handed the Scottish National Party a significant win. The party fought the elections under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon and secured 48 seats in the parliament, a historic victory for the party. Moreover, the British political analysts forecast that the phenomenal win may intensify the demand for Scottish Independence once again.   

Boris Johnson’s victory was welcomed the world over. While congratulating Johnson on his election victory, US President Trump hinted at making an ambitious trade deal. Even though the European Union congratulated Johnson on the support he received, the results were largely termed as being a ‘Bad Day’ for them. The EU leaders believe that the overwhelming majority Johnson received has ascertained the completion of Brexit 

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