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Pakistan security forces made a secret deal with Taliban, claims Taliban spokesperson who escaped from Pak prison

Islamabad: Former Taliban spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan, who has escaped from the Pakistani military prison, made a sensational claim. In an audio clip, Ehsan released, he made a shocking claim that the Pakistani security forces and the Taliban had reached a ‘secret deal’. My arrest was also a part of the deal.’ The information the Taliban spokesman made public has once again exposed the close relationship between the Pakistan military and the Taliban before the international community. The exposure has significantly added to Pakistan’s troubles.  

On 11th January, the former Taliban spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan had escaped from Pakistan’s confinement. The western media had carried the report of the escape. The press had raised questions on how the Taliban spokesperson and his family under confinement of the Pakistani security forces had managed to escape. The Pakistan government and military had, however, refused to comment on the matter.  

security forces, secret deal, Ehsanullah Ehsan, military, terror attacks, Taliban, Pakistan, IndiaNow, the former Taliban spokesperson has himself clarified the matter through the audio clip. Ehsanullah Ehsan alleged that ‘I had surrendered to the Pakistan military on 5th February 2017. I got myself arrested as part of the ‘secret deal’ signed with the Pakistan security agency. I honoured the agreement and remained patient for nearly three years. Nevertheless, the Pakistan military violated the agreement signed between us.’ Furthermore, ‘I will elaborate on the secret deal and the Pakistani officials involved in it in due course of time,’ Ehsan declared.  

security forces, secret deal, Ehsanullah Ehsan, military, terror attacks, Taliban, Pakistan, IndiaThe Taliban spokespersons claims are startling. Pakistan’s security forces, which had chosen to remain silent on Ehsan’s escape, has once again refused to comment on the allegations Ehsan levelled. This has therefore substantially increased the seriousness of the claims made by the Taliban spokesperson Ehsan.  

Accusations are consistently made from around the world regarding the links between the Pakistan military and infamous Pakistani intelligence agency ISI with the terrorist organisations. It has become evident that with the help of the terrorist organisations, the Pakistani security agencies are sparking unrest within the country as also in neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan. Hafeez Saeed, who was declared an international terrorist by the United States and the mastermind of the terror attacks in India, was exposed to have been providing private security in Pakistan.  

Meanwhile, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has warned Pakistan of its inclusion in the blacklist, unless it severed its ties with the terrorist organisations and took credible action against them. Given the scenario, the Taliban spokesperson Ehsan’s claims could clear the way for FATF action against Pakistan.

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