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Be prepared for conflict with the US – a think tank warns the Chinese communist regime.

Beijing – ‘The anger against China over the Coronavirus issue has reached its limits across the world. The global outrage is more intense than that seen after even the Tiananmen massacre of 1989. This anger against China can culminate into a war against the United States, and the Chinese communist regime should prepare for the war’. An influential think tank linked to Chinese intelligence agencies has issued the warning.

Last month, the think tank named ‘China Institute of Contemporary International Relations’ submitted a report to the Chinese intelligence agency. The concerned report was presented to Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior leaders of the Communist Party of China. The report notes the increasing discontent against China around the world. The discontent is compared to the intense reactions received, from all over the world after the Tiananmen massacre in 1989.

Following the Tiananmen massacre, the United States and the western countries had imposed sanctions against China. The think tank has reminded that under the sanctions, the westerners had stopped the export of weapons and technology to China. The United States leads the current sentiment, and this anger is much more intense than the one at the time of the Tiananmen massacre.

This anger will reflect on the ambitious Chinese project, the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. Moreover, the United States may increase financial and military aid to China’s neighbours, further fueling the anti-China sentiment in the region. The think tank warned that this might culminate into a war between China and the United States and that China should be prepared for the eventuality. The study group also reminded that the disputes between China and the United States are already at its extreme limit over the issues of trade, Hong Kong protests, South China Sea and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, till the year 1980, the above-mentioned think tank was advising the Chinese regime on the matters of foreign policy and internal security. However, for the last four decades, it has not been much in focus. While the pressure is increasing on China over the Coronavirus issue, the warning issued by this think tank is considered significant.

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