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Russia reserves the right to respond to any conventional attack with a nuclear strike: President Vladimir Putin 

nuclear strike, रशिया, अणुहल्ला

Moscow: President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia would deliver a nuclear response to any non-nuclear attack that threatens its security henceforth. In a conference last week, President Putin approved a new Nuclear Deterrence Policy. The policy expressed concerns over the United States ability to harm Russia with other advanced weaponry apart from nuclear weapons. The developments endorse claims that even Russia had sped up its nuclear preparedness along with the US and China.  

nuclear strike, रशिया, अणुहल्लाThis is the first time Russia’s Nuclear Deterrence Policy mentioned that any conventional type of attack would receive a nuclear retaliation. The US is developing advanced weaponry based on several technologies, which could potentially destroy Russian military bases. Considering the risk, Russia has drawn the new Nuclear Deterrence Policy.   

Russia’s new policy is believed to be a result of the aggressive US moves towards defence preparedness in the last few years. The policy mentions that the US missile defense system mobilized close to the Russian border, the continually rising military deployments and space-based weapons, posed significant dangers to Russia’s security.   

nuclear strike, रशिया, अणुहल्लाOnly last month, reports revealed that the US was preparing for new nuclear tests. The tests were said to be in response to the growing nuclear capabilities of Russia and China. At the same time, demands were made for the Chinese Communist regime to expand nuclear warheads to a thousand at least to counter the US. Russia’s new Nuclear Deterrent Policy thus assumes much significance.  

In the last two years, Russia has repeatedly tested advanced nuclear weapons and missiles. The tests have gained significant momentum after the INF treaty with the US collapsed. Russia is currently exclusively focusing on the development and manufacture of hypersonic missiles, which can easily dodge the anti-missile defence systems. Even President Putin has repeatedly assured it. Furthermore, Russia had announced that it had deployed hypersonic weapons in the defence forces a few months ago.  

Despite preparedness towards advanced and hypersonic missiles, Russia’s announcement on the new Nuclear Deterrence Policy is an indication that the country was increasing its nuclear weapons. The global arms race is thereby feared to significantly intensify. 

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