China to invest $400 billion in Iran under a strategic deal of 25 years 

China to invest 0 billion in Iran under a strategic deal of 25 years 

New York: China has prepared to make an investment of approximately $400 billion in Iran for the next 25 years. As per the deal, China and Iran will be engaging in a partnership deal, which will include oil and military cooperation as well. Western media had reported that both countries had arrived at a consensus on the deal. The US has taken aggressive steps to corner Iran economically and politically, and China is thereby challenging the US by making a deal with Tehran. In return, Iran will provide China oil at discounted rates. The Iran-China partnership deal is a challenge to the US, which has imposed an economic and political blockade on Iran. Therefore, a sharp reaction is expected over it from the Trump administration.  

A US newspaper has revealed the 18-page document of the proposed deal discussed between the Iranian and Chinese officials. According to the report, China is to heavily invest in Iran’s oil, banking, telecommunications, railway, ports and few other significant projects. What’s even more striking is that China will be providing Iran with advanced weapons, military training and critical intelligence. Israeli and Middle Eastern media have taken serious cognizance of the deal. Besides, a reaction is expected over it even from Israel, which has claimed Iran a threat to its nation, and other Middle Eastern countries as well.   

The 25-year-long deal was discussed during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Iran visit in 2016. Last month, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced the deal’s approval from the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Additionally, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has also given the nod to the partnership deal. As a result, the US economic sanctions on Iran are believed to be rendered ineffective. The support of the solid deal will enable China to grow its influence even more in the Middle East. Furthermore, Middle Eastern media has claimed that Iran would be giving its island in the Persian Gulf to China as part of the deal.  

The Trump Administration has taken an extremely hardline stance against Iran, which has refused to curb its nuclear program. Accordingly, Iran is being cornered on various fronts. The effect of the stringent action has surfaced, and the Iranian economy is at the brink of collapse. At such a critical time, Iran may receive much-needed support from the massive Chinese investment. However, in the past, many nations have already experienced that China’s investments are nothing short of a debt trap. Even so, it appears Iran is left with no other alternative but to accept China’s offer. Nevertheless, the US and western nations may make Iran and even China pay a heavy price for the partnership deal. 

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