Iran accuses Israel of attacking the Karaj nuclear site

Karaj project

Tehran – Iran accused Israel of attacking the project in the Iranian city of Karaj. Mohammad Eslami, Chief of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), said that Israel had carried out these terrorist attacks to interrupt the Iranian nuclear program and disrupt relations between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Moreover, Iran demands IAEA clarify its role on Israel, which targets Iran’s nuclear projects. Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry had warned a few days ago that the war between Israel and Iran has already started since long.  

कराजThree months ago, on June 24, a report was published of drone strikes on a project in the city of Karaj near the capital, Tehran. Israeli media had mentioned massive damage to the project. However, the Iranian military and the government-run media deny the claim. Instead, Iran proclaimed that its security forces had successfully prevented the attacks on the project. However, an Israeli military-run agency had published satellite photographs confirming claims of major damages to the Karaj project.  

Iran did not comment on this for the past three months. However, on Monday, Chief of AEOI, Mohammad Eslami, acknowledged the attack and the damage it caused to the Karaj project. He accused that Israel was responsible for the terrorist attack on the project, used for producing centrifuges and other research materials in Iran’s nuclear program. CCTV cameras and equipment of the project utilized by the International Atomic Energy Agency got damaged in the attack. Israel jolts the relations of IAEA and Iran by this attack.  

कराजKazem Gharib Abadi, Iranian ambassador to the IAEA, demands an explanation from the IAEA for Israel’s activities. He asked IAEA to clarify its role regarding Israel targeting Iran’s nuclear projects.  

Two days ago, Iran’s Foreign Ministry had claimed that the war between Israel and Iran had already begun. Over the past two years, Israel has carried out covert attacks on Iran’s Natanz and other nuclear and military projects. Besides, Iran had warned that with the assassination of the nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Israel declared war against Iran. It is claimed that, two days ago, a fire struck a missile base in Iran and caused extensive damage. Iran has not blamed anyone for the disaster yet. In the wake of a covert war that started between Iran and Israel over the past two years, the disaster is viewed with suspicion. 

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