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US reorganising National Guard considering possible conflicts with China, Russia

National Guard, Russia, China, US

Washington: The US Department of Defence has decided to reorganise the National Guard considering the possibility of a major conflict with Russia and China in the near future, informed Lt. Gen. Daniel Hokanson, the Director of the Army National Guard. The official stated that ‘The National Guard would be split as per the actual division formations of the army that fight during a war. The reorganisation will make available additional strength for the US Army for a comprehensive war,’ the official claimed.  

National Guard, Russia, China, USThe National Defence Strategy was approved in 2018 under the leadership of US President Donald Trump. ‘In future, the race among the superpowers may immensely intensify, leading to a major war. Hence, we developed a new defence policy that focuses on this scenario,’ the Lt Gen referred to the great power competition as he informed on the reorganisation of the National Guard. ‘In a possible war, the fight may be fought at the level of army divisions. Therefore, considering the need of the armed forces, the decision to reorganise the troops was made,’ Lt Gen Daniel Hokanson said.   

As per the new formation, the Army National Guard has been reorganised into eight independent divisions. Also, according to the US Army rules, every division can have a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of 25,000 soldiers. After the formation of eight divisions of the National Guard, an additional force of 80,000 to 150,000 may be available to the US Army for a large-scale war. Besides, military sources indicated the extra power might play a crucial role if a direct war breaks out with Russia or China. Currently, the US Army comprises of 450,000 soldiers.   

Last month, the relations between the US and China reached a boiling point, with warnings of a direct war sparking between the two nations over the South China Sea. President Trump’s decisions on pulling out US troops from Europe and Afghanistan is receiving criticism from political circles. Some lawmakers and former military officials assert the withdrawal may threaten the status of the US as the global military superpower. On the sidelines of the recent events, the reorganisation of the National Guard, which acts as a reserve force for the US Army, and the extra combat power it will provide to the army, is exceptionally remarkable.   

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