Russia accuses US of being behind Kremlin attack

- warns of retaliating to it   

Russia accuses US of being behind Kremlin attack

Moscow: Russia has accused the United States of being behind a drone attack on the Kremlin by Ukraine aimed at targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia says that Ukraine cannot carry out this attack without the consent and assistance of the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who is visiting India for the SCO meeting, has made the allegation. Also, Foreign Minister Lavrov has warned that Russia will not rest till it responds to this attack. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has warned that the possibility of direct conflict between Russia and the United States has grown.    

Kremlin Russia’s Kremlin was hit by a drone attack on Wednesday, and Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out the attack to kill President Putin. Also, Russia had threatened to give a strong response to these attacks. However, now Russia has claimed that the US is behind the attack. Speaking to the media during the SCO meeting in Goa, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov claimed that Ukraine could not launch such an attack without the agreement and cooperation of the United States, claiming that Ukraine does not have that capability. Lavrov has hinted that the US is behind the attack on Ukraine, although the US has not been named directly. Also, Lavrov has increased tensions by saying that Russia will not rest till it responds to this attack.     

At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling him a puppet who dances to the tune of the US. Lavrov also accused Ukraine and its Western owners of being very adept at lying. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has voiced a strong possibility of a direct conflict between the US and Russia after Wednesday’s drone attack. Ryabkov added that relations between Russia and the US are on the verge of a complete collapse, and we are trying to prevent that from happening. But Ryabkov has indicated that it has become difficult to improve the relations between the two countries due to the actions of the United States.     

However, the US has dismissed all these accusations by Russia. ‘The US has nothing to do with Wednesday’s attack on the Kremlin. We don’t know what exactly happened there. But it would be foolish to hold the United States responsible for this,’ claimed John Kirby, a US National Security Council member.

‘Ever since the war in Ukraine began, Russia has been claiming that it is a war between the West and Russia. Moreover, Russia is trying to show the world that it did not start this war by attacking Ukraine,’ Kirby blamed. Meanwhile, Western analysts and media are claiming that Russia is preparing to launch more intense attacks on Ukraine and after the attack on the Kremlin, Russia got the necessary reason for this. Also, the attack on the Kremlin appears to be a provocation by Ukraine after launching new drone attacks on Russian cities. Therefore, it appears that Russia is about to open a massive military front against Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine is also claimed to have been preparing for a counterattack against Russia. Therefore, it is clear that Russia’s accusations against Ukraine and the United States and their response to the accusations are a declaration of a fiercer war in the future. 

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