Ukraine war intensifies; conflict erupts on the streets of capital Kyiv

Ukraine war intensifies; conflict erupts on the streets of capital Kyiv

Kyiv – The war in Ukraine is progressively becoming gruesome. The Russian attacks on Ukraine seem to have intensified on the third consecutive day. The President of Ukraine claimed that the Ukraine defence forces were fighting the Russian military. Besides, there are reports of Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the streets of Kyiv against Russian soldiers, who are trying to gain control over the capital. In this scenario, the United States and NATO have decided to supply military assistance worth millions of dollars to make Russia pay dearly for such aggression against Ukraine.   

war in UkraineUkrainian military claimed to have shot down Russian warplanes. Moreover, President Zelensky said that the Ukrainian army is fighting strongly against the Russian army. It is claimed that the Ukrainian soldiers have stopped the Russian soldiers from advancing to take control over the capital in the streets of Kyiv. It is also being said that fierce battles are being fought in the streets of Kyiv. In contrast, accusations are being made that Russia has targeted civilian settlements resulting in civilian casualties. However, Russia has refuted that claim about targeting civilian settlements. On the contrary, Russia has accused Ukraine of publishing fake videos of shooting down two Russian warplanes.  

Furthermore, the United States and NATO have announced military assistance worth millions of dollars for Ukraine, finding it tough to counter the Russian onslaught. The United States is preparing to despatch military aid worth $350 million and NATO is supplying weapons worth millions of dollars through its member countries. The United States and NATO plan is making Russia pay a dearer price for the attack on Ukraine. Western countries’ officials have accused Russia of using the ‘Father of all bombs’ from the Thermonuclear category. Subsequently, President Putin has already prepared to use it.  

Meanwhile, the United States has imposed sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and the Russian National Security Council members.  

Russia warns Finland and Sweden   

Russia has issued a stern warning that Finland and Sweden should put their security under threat by joining NATO or be prepared to face dire consequences. This warning issued by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has made international media rounds. The United States and some European countries have claimed that this only proves that Russia is adopting expansionist policies.   

The Russian President had threatened that the countries trying to provide Ukraine assistance against Russia would face unprecedented consequences. Russia seems to have followed this up with a warning for Finland and Sweden. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that Finland and Sweden should not even think of joining NATO and putting their security at stake. Saying that they will have to face political and diplomatic consequences, Zakharova seems to be quoting the developments in Ukraine without a direct mention.   

Meanwhile, western media have accused Russia is preparing to dominate the entire Europe, citing the Russian warning. Similar accusations are being made even in the United States, exposing the Russian dominating mentality to the world.  

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