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Threat from China far worse than by Soviet Union during Cold War: Secretary Pompeo

Prague: The events unfolding across the globe currently are not Cold War 2.0. The CCP is already enmeshed in our economies, in our politics, in our societies in ways the Soviet Union never was. Thus, the threat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses to the world is far worse than that by the Soviet Union during the Cold War,’ lambasted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Last month, the US State Secretary had referred to China as Frankenstein and launched a scathing attack on the country.  

 Secretary Pompeo, माईक पॉम्पिओThe US Secretary of State is currently on a 5-day Europe tour and is making his visit to the Czech Republic in the first leg. The prime objective behind the trip is making the front against China more comprehensive and bolstering ties with Europe. On Wednesday, during his address to the Czech Senate, US Secretary of State Pompeo reminded the house of the US contribution during the Cold War against the Russian Communism.  

‘Russia continues to undermine Czech democracy and security, with disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks. However, even more of a threat is the Chinese Communist Party and its campaigns of coercion and control in various sectors. In your country alone, we see influence campaigns against your politicians and security forces, the theft of industrial data that you have created through your innovation and creativity, and we have seen the use of economic leverage to stifle freedom itself. The Chinese Communist Party is using its trade leverage and bullying many nations,’ said State Secretary Pompeo as he launched criticism against the Chinese regime.  

Secretary Pompeo, माईक पॉम्पिओFurthermore, Pompeo reminded the country that after the Prague Mayor adopted a stand supportive of Taiwan, the CCP had cancelled a music concert of a band from the Czech Republic. ‘Your nation, and others that suffered behind the Iron Curtain, know best of all how deeply Communists plunge societies into ruin and repression. The people of the Czech Republic need to stand firmly against it as they did in the past for its sovereignty and freedom,’ said Pompeo as he appealed to the Czech Senate.  

A strong reaction has emerged against US criticism. ‘Wherever he (Pompeo) goes, he carries political viruses and disinformation. Because of his Cold War mentality and selfishness, Pompeo has repeatedly accused the Communist Party of China and China’s policies,’ alleged the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson.    

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