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Taiwan deploys cruise missiles at strategic airbase in Taiwan Strait, which can hit Chinese bases

Taipei: As China threatens to have carried out drills for simulating a takeover of Taiwan, the island has taken strong steps for retaliation as well. Taiwanese Defence Ministry has indigenously developed ‘Wan Chien’ air-to-ground cruise missile, which is capable of targeting Chinese military bases. Taiwanese news outlets claim the cruise missile has a range of over 200 km and can target China’s Fujian and Guangdong military bases. The missile is mounted on Taiwan’s locally made fighter jets. Recognised as the most efficient military base for a response to a Chinese attack, the Makung air force base, is where locals reported the Wan Chien missile is deployed.   

'क्रूझ मिसाईल्स'Several think tanks and analysts have warned in the past few months that a war may spark between the US and China over Taiwan. Besides, China has significantly ramped up activities against Taiwan. In a meeting held earlier, a senior Chinese Communist Party member and a military official, both insisted that the time was most suitable for launching an attack on Taiwan. Also, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had held naval drills in the Taiwan Strait a few days ago. Chinese Spokesperson had stated that the objective behind the exercise was protecting its sovereignty and readiness to tackle threats.  

The exercise is believed the fourth one so far organised by the PLA near the Taiwanese boundaries. Furthermore, the Chinese media asserted the drills were a simulation for invading Taiwan. Even Taiwan has confirmed the reports while its lawmakers and officials expressed fears of a Chinese attack on the island.  

'क्रूझ मिसाईल्स'China is upset with the frequent visits of senior US officials to Taiwan, and the PLA is thus trying to carry out military incursions and conduct surveillance over Taiwan. Given the recent events, Taiwan has also adopted an aggressive stand and begun to race towards expanding its war-fighting capabilities. Taiwan has started making large-scale military deployments at bases built in the Taiwan Strait for retaliation in the event of a Chinese invasion. The deployment of indigenous fighter jets, Wan Chien and other missiles for targeting Chinese bases and warships, appear a part of the strategy. Wan Chien, means ten thousand swords, which is said capable of not being detected by Chinese air defence systems.  

'क्रूझ मिसाईल्स'Two days ago, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the Makung airbase, where F-16s are currently deployed. During her visit, President Tsai warned that Taiwan was capable of protecting its sovereignty. As of now, locally made fighter jets mounted with the Wan Chien missiles are deployed on the base. Moreover, after President Tsai’s visit, Taiwanese Defence Ministry has forewarned that if Chinese warships and warplanes attempt incursions, the island will not hesitate to use its right to defend itself. 

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