US President Biden announces $500 million weapons aid to Ukraine

- Biden calls the war a failure for Russia 

US President Biden announces 0 million weapons aid to Ukraine

Kyiv/Moscow: US President Joe Biden made an unexpected visit to Ukraine just four days before the completion of one year of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. On Monday, President Biden landed in Poland and arrived in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, by rail. The Russian government was given intimation about the visit a few hours before Biden entered Ukraine. A former Russian official claimed that Russia had assured Biden’s safety. In the meeting just a few hours later, President Biden announced a new arms aid of $500 million to Ukraine. At the same time, Biden claimed that Ukraine is still standing firm after a year into the conflict and that Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed at war.  

Biden Russia attacked Ukraine at the end of February last year. After this, the leaders of many countries supporting Ukraine and providing arms support paid a visit to Ukraine. Heads of state of the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Romania and other prominent countries visited Ukraine. However, US President Joe Biden, who provided the most assistance to Ukraine, did not visit the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had met Biden during his visit to the US. However, the Biden administration said the US president’s visit to Ukraine was still uncertain.  

In view of this, the visit of the US President to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Monday is a matter of concern. During his quick and unannounced tour, Biden visited a church in Ukraine and the President’s residence. US sources said Biden had taken a few-minute walk along with Ukrainian President Zelensky. A joint press conference was also held after the discussion between the two heads of state. The US President then issued a separate statement. In a statement published by The White House, Ukraine announced a new arms aid to Ukraine of $500 million.  

The weapons aid from the US includes howitzer guns, Javelin missiles, radars and weapons for artillery systems. During the discussion, it was also said that Zelensky had demanded long-range missiles from the United States. However, Biden is claimed not to have responded much. However, after praising the Ukrainian defences, the US president assured the United States would stand by Ukraine until the end. At the same time, Biden also said that Russian President Putin’s war plan had failed.   


Poland welcomed the US president’s visit to Ukraine and said it showed their commitment to Ukraine. Ukrainian officials claimed that Biden’s visit had boosted the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers. Moreover, Ukrainian sources said the issues related to the ensuing conflict were discussed at the meeting between Biden and Zelensky. Lawmakers from the US Republican Party have expressed displeasure over Biden’s visit to Ukraine.  

Meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry has alleged that Ukraine is preparing to conduct a ‘nuclear false flag attack’ in the next few days. The Russian Defence Ministry also said a stockpile of radioactive material has arrived in Ukraine from a European country. Furthermore, a major attack was claimed to have been planned before the United Nations meeting. Even in the past, Russia had informed that it had foiled Ukrainian attacks on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. 

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