Russia launches crushing attacks against Ukraine  

- fires over 70 missiles and drones

Russia launches crushing attacks against Ukraine  

Moscow/Kyiv: – While the Ukrainian government is running an aggressive campaign against Russia internationally, Russia once again delivered a jolt to Ukraine. On Wednesday, the Russian forces showered missiles and drones on various Ukrainian cities, including capital Kyiv. In the last ten days, this is the second instance that Russia has showered missiles and drones on such a massive scale. Russia has once again demonstrated its military might through these crushing attacks. Besides, it has added to the concerns of the countries backing Ukraine. Against the background of these increasing Russian attacks, the United States has announced an additional military aid worth $400 million to Ukraine.   

crushing attacksMoreover, Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson, following capital Kyiv, has become a worldwide topic for discussion. The western media claimed that Russia was taking these successive withdrawal decisions as the Russian forces lacked the necessary military might. Besides, reports had surfaced that the Russian missile reserves are exhausting following the massive missile attacks Russia initiated last month. But Russia has demonstrated its massive military might over the last few days, proving these claims as false.   

Last Tuesday, Russian defence forces showered missiles and drones on many important Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. Nearly 100 cruise missiles and drones were used in the attack. After that, Russia rocked Ukraine with nearly 75 missiles and drone attacks in the last eight days. Russia informed that power projects, substations and other important locations were targeted in these attacks. In the meantime, Ukraine informed that capital Kyiv, along with Lviv, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Kharkiv regions, were attacked. The power and water supply in many important cities, including the capital Kyiv, has been disrupted, given the Russian attacks. Ukraine’s neighbour country Moldova has also experienced the heat of Russian attacks. The Moldova government informed that nearly 50% of the power supply in the country had been disrupted following the Russian attacks. It is also revealed that the Moldova government summoned the Russian Ambassador.  

Against the background of the fresh Russian attacks, the United States has announced an additional military aid worth $400 million for Ukraine. These include additional missiles for the NASAMS system, rockets for the HIMARS system, heavy machine guns, anti-radiation missiles and mortars. With this new announcement, US military aid to Ukraine has reached $19 billion. Following the US announcement, the United Kingdom also announced to supply Sea King helicopters to Ukraine.   

Meanwhile, the news agency Reuters reported that a confidential meeting was held between Russian and Ukrainian officials in the United Arab Emirates. It is said that discussions regarding exchanging war prisoners and exporting Ammonia were held during the meeting. Just two days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was taking positive steps to export Ammonia. 

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