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Third ceasefire attempt fails after new clashes break out between Armenia and Azerbaijan  

Yerevan/Baku: Once again, attempts at a ceasefire have failed in Armenia-Azerbaijan war that has been raging for over a month now. Last week, under US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s lead, both nations were believed to have shown willingness at establishing a ceasefire. However, fierce attacks have resumed in the last two days with both countries accusing the other of perpetrating violence. Amid the tensions, some media outlets have reported that Russia had shot down a few Turkish drones near Armenia.  


A war sparked off between the Central Asian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan on 27th September. Despite appeals from the international community, leaders of both countries have refused to back down. Since the last two attempts for a ceasefire, the conflict appears to have escalated further. The current status is said to be attributed to the aggressive stance taken by Turkey, which is backing Azerbaijan in the battle. Furthermore, the lead taken by the US for accomplishing a ceasefire has drawn much attention. As proposed by the US, the latest ceasefire was to come into force from Sunday.   

Fresh attacks, nevertheless, make evident the failure to establish a successful ceasefire this time as well. Azeri sources have accused Armenia of firing missiles into three regions of their land territory. On the other side, an Armenian Spokesperson informed that new cities were being targeted in the most recent attacks. The two warring sides are making extensive use of artillery guns, rockets, missiles and drones, all of which has caused the deaths of thousands. Russian sources have said President Vladimir Putin mentioned in a statement that the war had claimed the lives of around 5,000 people. Either side has not as yet confirmed the information.  

In the meantime, some claims suggest few Turkish drones were downed as a result of activity from a Russian base in Armenia. Some Russian media outlets reported the story citing military sources, but neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan has given a comment on the matter. Also, Russia is said to have used advanced electronic warfare systems for the attacks. 

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