Armed anti-migrant militias springing up in countries of central Europe to face immigrants and rising crime

Prague – Following the agitation against the immigrants and the subsequent declaration for a state of emergency in Chemnitz, Germany, it has become apparent that the discontent about the immigrants has intensified in other parts of Europe too. In some of the countries from Eastern as well as Central Europe, anti-immigrant armed groups have been formed to counter the immigrants. The local intelligence and security agencies have expressed severe concerns over these developments.

central Europe, immigrant influx, Slovenia, Stajerska Guard, immigrants, ww3, Prague, Night WolvesIllegal immigrant influx in Europe has continued since 2015 and more than 2 million immigrants are said to have entered Europe so far. Europe has completely failed at accommodating these immigrants and it has totally disrupted Europe’s security as well as the social systems. Some of the European countries have taken a stand to openly accept the immigrants. However, the resistance to this stance is intensifying by the day and there is a rising discontent in most of the European countries.

These immigrants of Asian and African origins have been found to be involved in murders, robberies and crimes against women. The European population is agitated because of it and the public opinion has turned against the immigrants. This is also evident from the results of the elections held in Europe in the last two years where the groups promoting right-wing and nationalist views have been seen to garner a huge response. Such groups have even succeeded in coming to power in some countries. Against this backdrop, the creation of anti-immigrant militias is a significant development.

Factions aggressively opposing the immigrants have formed these anti-immigrant militias in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and the number of members in these groups has crossed 5,000. BIS, the domestic national intelligence agency in the Czech Republic recently prepared a report regarding this and some information from the report was published by the local media. An anti-immigrant armed group by the name of ‘National Home Guard’ has been formed in the Czech Republic and the strength of this group is nearly 3,000.

In the month of January, the ‘National Democracy’, a right-wing national-conservative party got more than 30,000 votes in the elections held in the Czech Republic. The party is believed to be instrumental in the formation of the militia, the National Home Guard. The training and drills of the National Home Guards were held in the Cezh capital of Prague and other cities as well, and its branches are said to have been established in many other cities across the country, informed the intelligence agency.

Following the Czech Republic, an armed organisation called ‘Stajerska Guard’ has been formed in Slovenia. This has been formed by the former presidential candidate Andrej Sisco. Sisko has got more than 2% votes in the recently held elections. Stajerska Guard has more than 2,000 members and the photographs of their arms training have also been published. The group is claimed to target the non-Christian immigrants.

The ‘Night Wolves’, a group which has established its base in Slovakia along with the Czech Republic and Slovenia is also considered to be a strong supporter of the anti-immigrant policies.

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