Ukraine lost over 300,000 soldiers in Russia-Ukraine conflict

– former US Pentagon adviser claims

Ukraine lost over 300,000 soldiers in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Washington/Kyiv: Ukraine has lost more than 300,000 soldiers in Russia-Ukraine conflict, claims a former US security advisor. Advisor Douglas Macgregor drew attention to the issue of increasing casualties in the Ukrainian military, referring to the counter-offensive launched by Ukraine in June. A few days ago, US analyst Scott Ritter claimed that 35,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Ukraine’s ‘counter offensive’.

Russia-Ukraine conflictThe current Ukrainian army is a ‘skeleton’ of what it was last year, criticised Macgregor. Ukrainian security forces are currently in an alarmingly bad state. Ukraine has lost a lot of soldiers in the counter-offensive that began in June. In our opinion, Ukraine has lost three to three and a half million soldiers so far. ‘Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are seriously wounded’, claims the former US adviser.

According to the information shared by the Ukrainian Defense Minister last year, there are 700,000 soldiers in the defence forces of Ukraine, and 1 million soldiers are part of the reserve forces. After the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Ukraine made big claims about the losses caused by Russia but remained silent on the damage caused to Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has said that Ukrainian losses are a matter of national security and the information will be kept secret until the end of the conflict.

तीन लाखMoreover, the Ukraine government is avoiding giving information about its losses, yet Western media, analysts and former officials have made various claims. Last year, European groups and the US media provided information that Ukraine lost one to one and a half million soldiers in the conflict. Ukraine had expressed strong displeasure over this information released by the Westerners. However, they did not confirm or reject the related information.

Against this background, the figures released by the former US security advisor are attracting attention. Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor of the US Army took over as advisor to the Defense Department during the tenure of former President Donald Trump. He has continuously criticised the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its Ukraine-related policy.


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