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Russia blames Israel for mistaken downing of its military aircraft in Syria, threatens to retaliate

Damascus – A dreadful aftermath of the Israeli air attacks on the Latakia city in Syria has come to the fore. The Syrian air defence systems launched a missile counter-attack on the Israeli fighter jet but instead of the Israeli jet, a Russian military aircraft was shot down. Initially, many reports over the actual country responsible for the hit had surfaced and the tension in the region was thus at its peak. Although the plane was shot down by the Syrian air defence, Russia held Israel responsible for the crash. Also, Russia has issued a suggestive statement, which says it reserves the right to retaliate against the incident.

military aircraft, shot down, F-16, S-200, fighter jets, Syria, ww3, TurkeyOn Monday night, the Israeli F-16 fighter jets launched crushing attacks on the city of Latakia in Syria. Russia has a naval as well as an air base there. At the same time, the S-400 air defence system that was supplied to Syria by Russia is also deployed in the area. This was why Israel had not attacked the region so far. However, on Monday night, Israeli fighter jets launched crushing attacks on the region. As per the reports, 10 people were injured, two of which are said to be in a critical condition.

Israel is consistently carrying out attacks in Syria, while Syria warns of serious consequences. The Syrian agencies used the Russian-made S-200 air defence system on Monday night to launch a counterattack against the Israeli jets. Nevertheless, this system mistakenly targeted a Russian surveillance aircraft instead of the Israeli F-16 fighter jets.

military aircraft, shot down, F-16, S-200, fighter jets, Syria, ww3, Turkey

At the start, the Russian aircraft was claimed to have disappeared from the radar following the Israeli attack. Initially, Russia even blamed France for shooting down its aircraft. Russia had expressed extreme fury over the French destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea, having attacked Latakia and shot down the Russian aircraft. Albeit, it was revealed in due time that the aircraft was shot down by the Syrian air defence system, a fact which was also accepted by the Russian Defence Ministry. Nevertheless, the country still holds Israel responsible for the incident claiming the loss of the Russian aircraft occurred because of Israel’s irresponsible behaviour. Israel deliberately launched the attack to create a situation such that the Russian aircraft would be targeted in the Syrian air defence system’s counter-attack, accused the Russian defence ministry Spokesperson, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

Israel launched the attack in spite of knowing that the Russian aircraft was about to land there. It informed Russia about the attack only a minute before it actually happened. Therefore, the Russian agencies could not take any measures to save its aircraft, claimed Maj Gen Konashenkov. Russia reserves the right to retaliate against Israel for the attack, warned the Russian military. Whereas, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a suggestive statement saying that the event could mark the beginning of a chain of unfortunate events which may occur as a result of it in future.

The Russian plane crashed in the Mediterranean Sea and has still not been traced, said the Russian Defence Ministry. Moreover, the downing of the Russian aircraft on Monday, cannot be compared to that of the Russian aircraft by Turkey in the year 2015, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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