British Prince William to become Prince of Wales; holds secret meetings in preparation, claims media

British Prince William to become Prince of Wales; holds secret meetings in preparation, claims media

London – ‘Prince William’ is all set to take over the title of Britain’s ‘Prince of Wales’ from Prince Charles. As per a daily, secret meetings in its preparation have already begun. While no official information regarding the takeover has been released, the report has neither been confirmed nor denied by the British Royal Family. However, changes in the Royal Family are speculated. Prince of Wales, meetings, Prince Charles, British Prince, preparations, ww3, London, King of EnglandAlthough the United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy, the royal family still retain its rights in the country. Thus, the news related to the royal family assumes significance in the United Kingdom as well as outside. Prince Charles, who presently is the ‘Prince of Wales’ and the heir to the British throne, has turned 70 and his eldest son, Prince William is 36 years old. For the last few years, Queen Elizabeth, aged 92, had delegated her royal responsibilities and duties to Prince Charles. However, at present, the report of Prince William preparing for his role as the Prince of Wales has started doing the rounds.

A British daily has published a news report in this regard. Nicholas Bieber, a correspondent for the said daily, who reports on the developments in the royal family, has claimed that Prince William will take over from Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales and that the preparations were underway for a long time now. According to him, Prince William has been holding important meetings, and the information about the same is being kept largely under wraps. Only last month, Prince William met Prince Charles at his residence at Clarence House. In his report, Bieber further says that the meet conducted at this place is an important indication of the future development.

The report mentions that it was after this meeting that Prince Charles announced his official decision to confer the responsibility of Prince of Wales to Prince William. On his 70th birthday, Prince Charles had announced that there would be a major responsibility handover in April 2021. At the same time, Prince Charles had made a suggestive statement that major preparations were already being ramped up in the run-up to the takeover.

Meanwhile, Bieber has claimed that Prince William would not be just the Prince of Wales for the next 60 years, like his father. Soon, Prince William might take over as the King of England, added Bieber.


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