Israel planning an attack on Iran if Biden signs nuclear deal – Israeli news report

Israel planning an attack on Iran if Biden signs nuclear deal – Israeli news report

Jerusalem: US President-elect Joe Biden, in all probability, is expected to sign a new nuclear deal with Iran. Therefore, Israel is prepared to use military alternative to curb Iran’s nuclear program. The Israeli military has drawn three plans for action against Iran that would soon be presented before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a leading Israeli daily reported. A few hours ago, a senior Israeli minister threatened that Israel would target Iran’s nuclear program if the United States signed a nuclear deal with Iran.  

In the last ten days, Iran has made provocative announcements related to its nuclear program. Iran announced that it would increase its uranium enrichment to 20 per cent, beyond the limits set in the 2015 nuclear deal. It has also operationalised the nuclear power plant at Fordow. Besides, a senior Iranian official said they were activating 1,000 centrifuges at the facility. A reaction has thus emerged from Israel over the matter.  

Israeli Community Affairs Minister Tzachi Hanegbi gave a warning directed towards US President-elect Joe Biden. Hanegbi had threatened that Israel would launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear program if Biden signed a new nuclear deal with Iran after taking over the office. The Community Affairs Minister warned Iran and Biden that ‘Israel will not allow Iran to become nuclear-armed under any circumstance. Earlier, Israel had attacked Iraq’s and Syria’s nuclear program, in 1981 and 2007 respectively.’  

Hanegbi is referred to as a close ally of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Therefore, the Israeli and Gulf media had assigned importance to the warning. Furthermore, popular Israeli newspapers had reported on Thursday that the Israeli army was planning an attack on Iran. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi has instructed his officials to work out three plans to attack Iran’s nuclear program. The news reports said the three options would be presented before the Prime Minister.  

The story also mentioned that Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, said that Israel should keep different military options ready to curb Iran’s nuclear program, a few days ago. Therefore, Israel is making everyone aware of what it could do if the future president of the United States signs a nuclear deal with Iran.  

Amos Yadlin, the former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence, said the attack on Iran’s military base in eastern Syria’s Deir ez-Zor, two days ago, was a message to Iran. Yadlin asserted that ‘The action is meant to send Iran the message that Israel’s attacks would not stop even if Biden’s administration took over in the United States. The attacks in Syria are said to have claimed the lives of 57 terrorists from Iranian-backed groups.  

Meanwhile, a Russian news outlet claimed that in 2021, a conflict would spark between Israel and Iran, near the Golan Heights in southern Syria. The newspaper stated that former Israeli military and intelligence official has indicated in that direction. 

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