US envisages dominating cutting-edge industries of the future in AI, 5G and Quantum Technologies

US envisages dominating cutting-edge industries of the future in AI, 5G and Quantum Technologies

Washington – By surpassing the US and in pursuit of becoming the world’s superpower, China is now focussed on the technology sector while making considerable investments in the fields of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the like. China aspires to be powerful based on these investments and to counter them the White House has indicated to have chalked an independent strategy. It would ensure preserving American leadership in the sector and keeping pace with Chinese developments, sources said.

‘I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting-edge industries of the future. This is not an option. This is a necessity,’ President Trump said at the State of the Union Address. Trump’s words were directed towards his support for the American dominance in the fields of 5G, AI and quantum technology.

After Trump’s speech, the White House released an independent statement on it. It mentions that President Trump envisages ensuring the US leadership in industries of the future. The White House has enlisted artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum science and 5G to be among these industries. The statement refers to President Trump’s vision of being bold, much required for improving American security and also for boosting prosperity.

The White House statement indicates that the US would likely announce an independent plan soon. It may include an ordinance from President Trump which is believed to include a provision for advancements in as also other resources for 5G and artificial intelligence. To enable a push for the research, development and other programs for future technology, preparations for the formation of an independent committee were already underway, sources said.

Last year in May, President Trump had organised an exclusive summit on AI for American entrepreneurs. Prior to it, a select committee on Artificial Intelligence was formed as well. In December, the American think tank, the ‘Center for Data Innovation’ had stated in a report the need for an independent policy on AI.

Also in December, the US Congress passed into law legislation called the ‘National Quantum Initiative Act’ for the field of quantum technology. Moreover, the US has banned Chinese tech companies providing 5G technology as also issued orders to the American companies for erecting a separate 5G network. Only last month, the world’s leading technology giant Microsoft indicated providing every assistance to the US Defense Department in AI and other advanced technologies.

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