Pakistani ready to strike India with F-16s along with attack drones deployed at the border

Pakistani ready to strike India with F-16s along with attack drones deployed at the border

New Delhi/Islamabad – Pakistan has deployed its F-16 fighter jets at the bases near the Indian border, and they have been issued orders to be in the state of readiness to attack India. Also, in a high-level meeting, the political and military leadership in Pakistan decided to make a harsh retaliation if India carried out another attack. The Indian Air Force, which keeps a close watch on Pakistani activities, has demanded deployment of more efficient air defence systems and missiles at the border.

On Wednesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan convened an emergency meeting with the three service chiefs and other officials. No such urgent meeting was organised over the matter before this one, a national newspaper claimed. It was in this meeting that the Pakistan Prime Minister and the three service chiefs decided for a strong retaliation against a possible Indian attack. Moreover, the newspaper reported that India was referred to as an ‘enemy’, in the meeting. Earlier, Pakistan had deployed eight F-16 fighter jets at its Mushaf base in the Punjab Province near the Indian border.

The F-16s are believed to be the most advanced fighter jets in the Pakistani Air Force fleet. The F-16s were deployed with the only intention of challenging India and were issued orders to be ready to attack India anytime. Likewise, Pakistan reportedly even used attack drones near the Gujarat border. The attack drones have also been deployed at the Line of Control in the Uri, Rajouri, Noushera, and pooch districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Albeit, even the Indian Air Force has increased its state of readiness considering the provocative Pakistani activities. The IAF has demanded a more efficient air defence system at the border and also for new missiles for its fighter jets. A very volatile situation has therefore been created at the Indo-Pak border which could flare up into a full-blown conflict at any time.

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