China issues threat over exclusive meeting of US and Taiwan National Security Advisors

Washington/Taipei/Beijing: A special meeting of the US National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton and his Taiwanese counterpart David Lee, was convened. However, China reacted quite sharply to the meeting that was held on Taiwanese security. ‘The United States is hindering the ‘One China’ policy, by bolstering cooperation with Taiwan, and China will never tolerate it,’ the Chinese Foreign Ministry threatened.

News of the Taiwanese National Security Advisor, David Lee soon visiting the United States had surfaced. David Lee was believed to be holding talks with the US NSA, John Bolton between 13th and 21st of May although the exact date and place of the meeting were not disclosed. Neither the United States nor Taiwan had given an official statement on the event as even China avoided a reaction on it before the meeting.

Nevertheless, two days ago, the Taiwanese government mouthpiece published a news report which stated that the US visit was a success as also that he had discussions with Bolton. As per the US media, the meeting was the first significant one between the National Security Advisors of the two countries, although both the nations have not disclosed the details of the held discussions. On the other hand, the Taiwanese mouthpiece did report that Lee also had talks with the US military officials, as well as the analysts from the US, think tanks.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed outrage over the meeting. Lu Kang, the Spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, appealed to the United States to denounce the meeting in strong words and stop all the official cooperation with Taiwan.’ He further added that ‘US-China political relations are based on the ‘One China’ policy. If the United States decides to establish any cooperation with Taiwan defying the policy, China will bitterly oppose it.’

At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman warned that ‘China will firmly stand in opposition of the efforts for creation of ‘Two Chinas’ or ‘One China, One Taiwan’. China is firm on the position regarding Taiwan, and it cannot be negotiated.’ Currently, the United States-China ties are under tremendously strained over the issues of the trade war and the South China Sea. Under the current scenario, the United States seems to have posed a fresh challenge before China by holding a security meeting with Taiwan.

China firmly asserts its stance by saying, ‘China claims Taiwan to be its sovereign territory. Therefore, no other country or organisation should establish independent cooperation with Taiwan’.

China maintains diplomatic as also any other cooperation with countries that are in agreement with the One China principle, which means they accept Taiwan as an integral part of China. Thus far, the United States had not challenged the ‘One China’ policy. Albeit, ever since President Trump assumed office, he has adopted an aggressive stance of deepening political, military and trade cooperation with Taiwan. Additionally, the United States had appealed to the Pacific nations to establish cooperation with Taiwan, snubbing the Chinese pressure. Also, the US Department of State appears to have taken expeditious steps in the matter.

Meanwhile, the media has claimed that the representatives of the Pacific countries of Palau and Marshall Islands were also present at the security meeting held between Lee and Bolton.

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