US officials present all alternatives before President Trump for retaliatory action against Iran in the wake of Saudi oil attacks

Tehran/Dubai/Washington: The US President had announced that the United States was in a state of readiness to initiate an attack on Iran, saying that all the options were open against Tehran. The United States was only awaiting a signal from Saudi Arabia, President Trump had said. Even Saudi Arabia has declared that they believed Iran had almost certainly perpetrated the attacks on the Saudi oil facilities. On the other hand, the US defence officials have presented all the available options, before the US President. A US news channel informed that the alternatives included everything from direct military action to cyber attacks.

President Donald Trump had called for a national security meeting to decide upon a response against the Saudi oil attacks. The military officials presented a menu of various options before the President during the meeting. A US official briefed on the deliberations at the meeting told the US news channel.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Department of Defence, General Joseph Dunford, also clarified that the US Central Command was closely watching the developments in the Middle East without even batting an eyelid. All the US agencies have never before been so involved in the events in the Middle East, Dunford added.

Only two days ago, President Trump announced a military retaliation against Iran. Trump had warned that the United States was ‘locked and loaded’ to respond. Previously, President Trump had announced military action against Iran as well when Iran had shot down a US drone a month ago. After that, President Trump withdrew the orders to attack and ordered cyberattacks on the Iran nuclear facilities instead. Therefore, the entire world is now focussed on the alternative President Trump selects.

In the meantime, the Saudi agencies have stated that they were almost sure that Iran was behind the attacks on the Saudi oil installations.  The United States, Saudi Arabia and its allies would therefore definitely take action against Iran.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed the Saudi Arabian allegations on the Saudi oil attacks. Nevertheless, Rouhani asserted that the attacks on the oil facilities were a warning for Saudi Arabia. Also, the Yemenis attacked the Saudi oil infrastructure in retaliation of the conflict Saudi Arabia, the United States, Israel and European countries had initiated in Yemen, Rouhani said. Moreover, he threatened Saudi saying that a war would be triggered in the region if they did not stop the action in Yemen after taking a lesson from the attacks.

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