Russia’s revenge against Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun

- President Zelensky claims  

Russia’s revenge against Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun

Kyiv/Moscow: When Russia launched an attack in February last year, Ukraine started to retaliate a few months after it. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that Russia has begun retaliating against these attacks. In the new year, Russian forces have intensified their attacks in eastern Ukraine, and Russia has also succeeded in capturing the town of Soledar. In the last two days, Russian troops are claimed to have captured two areas near Bakhmut city. Referring to the ongoing attacks by Russia in this area, the President of Ukraine has claimed that Russia is taking revenge. 


ust last week, Stefano Sannino, a senior EU official, warned that Russia had launched a war against NATO and the West and that the conflict in Ukraine could reach a new level. Western countries are supplying large quantities of weapons to Ukraine, including missiles and tanks. Russia has taken a more aggressive stance against this, and Russian leaders and officials have raised the alarm by saying that the new arms supply is a sign that NATO has openly entered the war. In the wake of this arms supply, Russia has restructured its Ukraine campaign and started aggressive attacks with new deployments and weapons.  

In the new year, Russia has again launched missile and drone attacks on major cities in Ukraine. At the same time, Russia has succeeded in stopping the advance of the Ukrainian Army in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have failed in the face of increasing Russian aggression and have been unable to recapture any major cities or areas of Ukraine in the past few weeks. At the same time, Russian forces have reached the border of the city of Bakhmut in the Donbas region and are said to have captured two small towns in the last seven days.  

Ukraine claims that these Russian strikes are preparations for a new major attack. Ukraine has begun to advance its demand for fighter jets to deter Russian aggression. Western countries are under pressure from Ukraine to provide F-16 fighter jets. Poland and France have responded positively to it. However, the US, the UK and Germany have opposed it, and this issue has intensified the differences in the western alliance.  

The President of Croatia, a NATO member country, Zoran Milanovic, has strongly criticized the issue of tanks being given to Ukraine. Croatia’s president warned that the supply of tanks would further escalate the conflict. At the same time, the President of Croatia also made a statement that Crimea will never be a part of Ukraine again. Ukraine expressed strong displeasure at Milanovic’s statement and warned that it would not tolerate it.  

Meanwhile, Russia has signalled an increase in the scope of its drone strikes on Ukraine . After Iran, Russia purchased a large number of drones from China, which includes ‘swarm drones’. The UK media has claimed that Russia plans to use China’s Mavic 2 drones for surveillance and attacks. 

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