US Congress passes Uyghur Act; a bill to recognize Tibet as independent nation is also tabled

US Congress passes Uyghur Act; a bill to recognize Tibet as independent nation is also tabled

Washington: The US House of Representatives has taken cognizance of the limitless atrocities committed by China against the Uyghur Muslims. On Wednesday, a bill was passed in the House, which imposes sanctions on the Chinese officials responsible for illimitable atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims. Furthermore, another bill to recognize Tibet as an independent nation has been proposed in the US House. China is currently illegally occupying Tibet. With this, it seems that the US has decided to take up the issues that are sensitive to China.

passes Uyghur ActOn Wednesday, the Uyghur Human Rights Act was approved in the House by the tally of 413-1. The US Senate has already passed the bill. Thus, on Wednesday, the bill was sent further, to US President Donald Trump, for consent. There is a provision in this Uyghur Human Rights bill to impose sanctions on the Chinese officials who are responsible for the atrocities against the Uyghurs. The law will target all the Chinese officials who are involved in heinous barbarities against the Uyghurs. Furthermore, these officials will not be allowed to enter the United States, and their possessions in the US would be seized.

Besides, the law also mentions Chen Quanguo, the current secretary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Quanguo is also a member of the powerful Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. Chen was in control of the action taken against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and is accused of human rights violations.

The US Congressmen fired salvos of criticism at China as they passed this bill. The atrocities committed against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang region is ‘ethnic genocide’, accused the Republican Congressman Michael McCaul. The US will not tolerate such crimes in the future, he further added.

passes Uyghur ActEarlier, one of the shocking reports had revealed that the Chinese Communist regime had pushed about 11 lakh Uyghur Muslims into concentration camps. Since then, alongside the US, the international community has targeted China on the issue of the Uyghurs. The law passed in the US House is a significant step taken to improve the situation which the Uyghurs have welcomed.

Along with the Uyghur issue, the United States is preparing to take on China over the Tibet issue as well. In 1959, the Chinese Communist regime conquered the land of Tibet using a military invasion. Tibet is recognized as a Chinese autonomous region ever since, and the international community too had approved of this Chinese capture. However, autonomy is only a namesake. In fact, China has attempted to wipe off the Tibetan religious and cultural identity.

Although the United States has accepted Tibet as a part of China, it has time and again raised the issue of human rights there. Furthermore, the United States has openly backed the Dalai Lama as the leader of Tibetans. However, the bill to recognize Tibet as an independent nation has been proposed in the House for the first time. It has emerged that Representative Scott Perry of the Republican Party has presented the bill in the House.

So far, China had taken a strong stance of not tolerating interference of any other nation in its internal affairs. Accordingly, China has continued to threaten the countries that bring up the issue of human rights violations. Time and again, China has warned the international community that it considers the issues concerning Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong as sensitive.

However, it now appears that the US has engaged China by raising the issues of atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims, Hong Kong autonomy, independence of Tibet and sovereignty of Taiwan and that China seems fumbled before the American diplomatic onslaught.

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