Iran warns US of continuing to chase their warships in Persian Gulf

Iran warns US of continuing to chase their warships in Persian Gulf

Tehran: ‘Wherever the Americans are, we’re right there beside you,’ Iran’s IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Alireza Tangsiri said. After Iranian patrol ships dangerously chased US vessels in the Persian Gulf, President Donald Trump issued orders to the US Navy to destroy any ship within 100 meters of US warships. The IRGC’s statement comes in response to Trump’s orders, which are believed to be a stern warning to Iran.  

US warships in Persian Gulf The Iranian Navy has commission 112 new speedboats. The boats would cause a sharp rise in the Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf, asserted senior IRGC official General Hossein Salami. Gen Salami added that ‘We will turn the Persian Gulf into hell for our adversaries. They will be left with no choice but to run away from this marine region.’ At the same time, IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Alireza Tangsiri warned that ‘In the near future, the Iranian naval influence will rise tremendously in the Persian Gulf. Today we announce that wherever the Americans are, we’re right there beside you, and in the near future you will sense us even more’.   

The Iranian Navy already has 342 speedboats in its fleet. Iran falls second in the list of nations that have the highest number of speedboats. The speedboats are also known as swarm boats. The US has alleged the Iranian speedboats had become dangerous. Last month, 11 speedboats in the Persian Gulf, had chased US warships dangerously. On the sidelines of the events, the US Navy issued the warning to Iran in the last week. President Trump has given instructions to the US Navy to take action against Iranian patrol vessels hereafter.   

After that, the US Navy even carried out exclusive joint military exercises with Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. The US Navy said the drill was necessary to counter the terrorist attacks in the Persian waters. Only hours after the naval exercises had begun, Iran added 112 speedboats to its maritime fleet and appeared to have thus sent a warning to the US and its allies.    

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