Tibetan government-in-exile accuses China of ‘cultural genocide’ and seeks an urgent UNHRC session to stop it 

Tibetan government-in-exile accuses China of ‘cultural genocide’ and seeks an urgent UNHRC session to stop it 

Dharamshala/Geneva: ‘The ruling Chinese regime is casing cultural genocide in Tibet. The UN must call for a special UNHRC session on the human rights violations carried out by China in Tibet and the other regions under it,’ Tibetan government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay urged. The Chinese Communist regime has come under criticism over Coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong, the South China Sea and attack on India. Under such circumstances, the issue of human rights abuses in Tibet and Xinjiang being brought up at the international stage will only add to the tensions of the Chinese Communist Party.  

cultural genocide, China, TibetOn the sidelines of the extensive US-China diplomatic war as also the India-China border standoff, the Tibet issue has once again surfaced in debates. Only last month, US Senator Scott Perry had tabled a bill demanding Tibet be recognized as an independent nation. After that, the Tibetan Youth Congress had started a campaign urging to declare Tibet as an independent buffer zone between India and China. With the demand to hold an independent session of the UNHRC on Tibet and other issues, the Tibetan government-in-exile appears to have attempted to intensify the pressure on the Chinese regime increasingly.   

cultural genocide, China, TibetTibetan government-in-exile Dr Lobsang Sangay has presented his demand by releasing a statement. ‘50 UN experts have called for decisive measures against China’s repression and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The experts have referred to Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Since the past six decades, the ruling Chinese Communist Party has committed innumerable atrocities against the Tibetans living in Tibet. The oppression by the Chinese regime, which takes away the individual identity of the Tibetan citizens, translates to cultural genocide,’ Dr Lobsang Sangay said as he drew the attention of the international community towards the Tibet issue.   

cultural genocide, China, TibetDr Lobsang Sangay stated that ‘The world has not paid serious attention to the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Chinese regime in Tibet for years together. Therefore, the unchecked, systemic, and egregious violations by the Chinese regime with impunity in Tibet have emboldened it to carry out similar violations in Xinjiang and now Hong Kong.’ It is time to hold China accountable for the violation of international law and stifling of human rights, asserted Tibetan government-in-exile Dr Lobsang Sangay.  

China, which aspires to become a superpower by surpassing the US, is facing a tremendous global backlash. Even the European and African nations, which have previously backed China on various issues, are unwilling to offer complete support to Beijing at the UN and other international bodies. Given the developments, if a resolution against China were presented on Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong issues at the UN, which is a leading international organization, it would cause sheer humiliation to the Chinese Communist Party.   

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