US increases deployment to the Indo-Pacific to counter China

Washington/Beijing, Date 07-May-2020 (news agency) – The United States has decided to deploy versions of Tomahawk missiles to the Indo-Pacific. Simultaneously, it will also send advanced bombers to the Indo-Pacific region. A few days back, reports had surfaced of US warships patrolling the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. In line with these developments, the recent deployments to the Indo-Pacific region appear to have come with a focus on rising aggression of China. Coincidental to the US deployment, China has also increased the presence of its aircraft carrier and submarines in the said region.
Alleging China of being responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, the United States has warned Beijing of severe consequences. However, to show that the US warnings have had no impact on itself, China is displaying its naval might in the Indo-Pacific region. Accordingly, the Chinese navy has postured aggressively against nations like Vietnam and Taiwan. In fact, the Chinese navy had even sunk a Vietnamese vessel while Chinese fighter jets violated Taiwanese airspace. In the background, the United States appears to have prepared to give China a formidable reply.
Subsequently, for the first time ever, the United States has decided to deploy long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles to the area. The Tomahawks had gained limelight during the Gulf War of 1991. Also, in the last few years, the United States has used them to hit ISIS targets in Syria. As per the information received, these dangerous cruise missiles will be deployed to the ‘first island chain’ or the string of islands that spread from the  Japanese archipelago, through Taiwan and up to the Philippines. Along with these missiles, the United States is also deploying its marines to assist the US Navy.
The deployment is to ensure security and gain control of the maritime region, General David Berger informed the Senate Armed Services Committee. Many American analysts believe that the deployment of the US Marines along with the Tomahawk cruise missiles is a warning for China. Before deploying the Tomahawks, the United States has put advanced bombers at Guam islands. Moreover, for the first time in the last many years, the United States has deployed ‘USS Theodore Roosevelt’, an aircraft carrier, to Guam. Besides, last month, the US naval ships had twice patrolled in the South China Sea area.
China is already displaying its naval might by sinking a Vietnamese ship a few weeks back and intruding into the Taiwanese airspace. By doing so, China is raising regional tensions. Against this backdrop, it is clear that the United States has started to take steps aggressively to counter China’s dominance. These decisions are sure to show their effects soon across the Indo-Pacific region.

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