UAE summons Iran’s Envoy after Iranian President Rouhani’s threat

UAE summons Iran’s Envoy after Iranian President Rouhani’s threat

Abu Dhabi: President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has issued a warning to the UAE, ‘The United Arab Emirates (UAE) historic peace deal with Israel is their biggest mistake and will turn against it in the near future.’ Angered by Iran’s threats, the UAE has summoned the Iranian Envoy. Even the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the headquarters of which is based in Saudi Arabia, has also condemned Iran’s threats lambasting that ‘Iran must not interfere in UAE’s internal affairs.’  

समन्स बजावलेThe UAE-Israel historic agreement has been welcomed from across the globe. The countries have said that the Arab-Islamic nations, which so far had no ties with Israel, were looking forward to establishing them with the state. On the other hand, Iran and Turkey have criticised the deal and warned the UAE. President Hassan Rouhani as also Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and media affiliated with the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei separately threatened the UAE. ‘They [the UAE] better be mindful. They have committed a huge mistake, a treacherous act,’ Rouhani warned. The Revolutionary Guards has threatened the UAE of having to face dire consequences for the peace deal. Apart from that, Kayhan, the conservative daily newspaper that is aligned with Ayatollah Khamenei, has warned that the UAE had now become a target.  

समन्स बजावलेThe UAE has strongly condemned the Iranian threats. ‘The threats of the Iranian President are unacceptable. The provocative reaction puts the Middle East’s peace and security at risk,’ the UAE Foreign Ministry criticised. The UAE reserves the sovereign right to sign an agreement with Israel which is not aimed against Iran. At the same time, the UAE stated that it was Iran’s responsibility to protect the UAE Embassy in Tehran. The UAE’s reminder came in response to the intense protests of hardliners in Iran outside the UAE embassy two days ago. Also, the GCC has reminded Iran of UN regulations and warned the country not to interfere in its affairs.  

In the meanwhile, a US analyst has said that the warning issued by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iranian conservative daily were extremely severe. In the past, with the aid of its proxies in Yemen, Iran has launched attacks on Saudi Arabia. Iran is therefore capable of making strikes on the UAE in a similar manner, warned Dr Theodore Karasik from the think tank ‘Gulf States Analytics’, a geostrategic consultancy. Karasik warned that ‘Iran’s missiles can reach the UAE within just eight minutes. And thereby its warnings must not be taken lightly.’ A few months back, Iran had been accused of saboteur attacks on oil tankers in UAE’s waters.   

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