US has tried to provoke China to launch the first strike, alleges a Chinese analyst  

Beijing/Taipei: A Chinese analyst has alleged that the aggressive activities of the US and Taiwan in the South China Sea are nothing but a provocation to launch the first strike. The analysts went on to say that the US was also using Taiwanese territory for its military and patrol aircraft. Just as the allegations are coming forth, European lawmaker Milos Vystrcil has caused a sensation by saying that ‘I am Taiwanese’. The open stand of European leaders in support of Taiwan while senior Chinese officials are on Europe tour, is considered a significant blow to Beijing.  

On Sunday, US warship had sailed through the Taiwan Strait for patrol. Also, US reconnaissance aircraft EP-3E was seen in Taiwanese airspace as well as near Chinese borders. Even as China was conducting drills in the maritime region, a US spy plane violated airspace declared by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as a no-fly zone. Further, US warships were deployed in a region close to the location where China was holding the exercise. Along with these incidents, the Chinese analyst has drawn attention to increasing activities of US fighter jets and surveillance aircraft near Chinese boundaries in the past few months.  

The analysts said rising military activities of the US were an attempt to provoke China. The Global Times, a Chinese state-run daily, has published an article on the matter. The report states that the US was trying to get China to strike first. Moreover, US activities were worsening tensions in the South China Sea, the report criticised. The Global Times story said that few Taiwanese analysts and experts, at the behest of the US, were making statements to undermine the Chinese military might.  

As Chinese analysts and media levelled allegations against the US, the European delegation on Taiwan visit has turned into a new challenge for ruling Chinese Communist regime. Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil is leading the European delegation. On Tuesday, Vystrcil addressed the Taiwanese Parliament and caused a sensation with his statements. He said, ‘I am a supporter of Taiwan and freedom. Also, I wish to tell all those present here that I am Taiwanese.’  

While delivering his speech, Vystrcil referred to the 1963 speech of former US President John F Kennedy in West Berlin. The address was considered to have been made for Russia, which had established Communist rule in West Germany. The support the Czech lawmaker expressed towards Taiwan by citing the speech has drawn much attention. The sensational statements of Milos Vystrcil have drawn a severe reaction from China. Moreover, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson warned that the Czech lawmaker had crossed a ‘red line’. 

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