Participation of US, UK special forces in Ukraine conflict revealed 

Participation of US, UK special forces in Ukraine conflict revealed 

Washington/London: From the beginning of the conflict, Russia had accused the US and NATO of being involved in the Ukraine conflict. These allegations have been corroborated by the ‘Pentagon leak’ a few days ago. In the confidential documents of the US Department of Defense, the ‘Special Forces’ of the US, UK and NATO countries have been mentioned. In it, it has also been revealed that these soldiers are involved in the Ukraine conflict. In the wake of these events, the Polish Prime Minister claimed that the US had approved additional military deployments and a permanent military base in Poland.  

 Ukraine conflict After Russia attacked Ukraine last year, the US and other Western countries started providing large-scale aid to Ukraine. It included arms as well as financial assistance. However, along with the weapons, Russia had claimed that the intelligence agencies and military units of the Western countries were also active in Ukraine. However, the US and NATO disclosed that only temporary units had been deployed to provide advice and training.  

However, in the documents in the “Pentagon Leak”, the deployment of “Special Forces” of the US and NATO member countries is mentioned. It also said that “Special Forces” units were deployed with Ukrainian units. In the documents, the participation of the special forces of the US, UK, France, Latvia and the Netherlands has come to light. British Special Forces personnel in Ukraine are specifically in large numbers. A former UK official has admitted this in an interview given to the media.  


While the involvement of the US and NATO in the Ukraine conflict is coming to light, Ukraine’s neighbouring country Poland has initiated steps to increase the scope of US military deployments and military base. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently visited the US. In the discussion during the visit, Prime Minister Morawiecki claimed that the United States approved the establishment of a permanent military base and the scope of military deployments in Poland.

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