Greece turning into ‘another Israel’ due to EU support – Turkish analyst

Greece turning into ‘another Israel’ due to EU support – Turkish analyst

Athens/Istanbul: Turkish expert Talha Kose alleged Greece was tuning into another Israel. The analysts said, ‘Amid tensions in the Mediterranean Sea, the policy adopted by the Greek leadership is similar to that of Israel. Greece is receiving constant and unconditional support from the European Union (EU), which is the same as the backing Israel receives from the US. Greece is also making radical demands in the Mediterranean, just like Israel’. Tensions are high between Turkey and Greece over the rights to the Mediterranean. Given the situation, Greece has ratcheted up efforts to increase its war-fighting capabilities. Therefore, Turkish analysts have cited that and drawn parallels between Greece and Israel.  

'दुसरा इस्रायल'Greek news website ‘Pentapostagma’ has published the story. In the piece, Turkish expert Talha Kose warned that ‘The growing cooperation between Greece and France may turn into a harbinger of bad news for both nations. Greece pretends to act like a new Israel, but Turkey is not Palestine or any other state in the region in terms of its military capabilities. He further went on to say that if Turkish sovereignty or national interests received a blow, no nation would be able to protect Greece against the Turkish might.   

'दुसरा इस्रायल'The Turkish warning came in response to growing defence ties between Greece and France, the US and EU’s sharp reproval of Turkish activities and the latest Greek announcement about its new naval base. France is preparing to provide Greece with 18 Rafale fighter jets. Simultaneously, the EU has issued a stern warning, where the bloc vowed to stand firmly behind Greece for its legal and sovereign rights. In his recent visit to Greece, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated US support for Greece in its dispute with Turkey. Furthermore, Pompeo announced USS Hershel Woody Williams Expeditionary Sea Base type warship of the US would be deployed at the Greek naval base.  

'दुसरा इस्रायल'As the country receives strong support from the US and the EU, Greece announced building a new naval base at Crete Island. Greek Defence Minister Panagiotopoulos informed about the parliamentary decision. The Minister said the decision was made to bolster the country’s defence capabilities in the Mediterranean. As of now, a Greek naval base is operational in the Souda Bay of the Crete Island, where US and NATO bases are currently functioning as well.   

In August, Turkey had made a unilateral announcement informing that it was sending its Oruc Reis research vessel along with two auxiliary ships to the Mediterranean Sea near Greek Island of Kastellorizo for research. The Turkish announcement had attracted severe reactions from European nations and NATO. In response, Greece had issued a high alert to its armed forces and began to keep an eye over Turkish activities. After that, the country even carried out naval drills with France in the Mediterranean Sea. On the other side, Turkey began making massive deployments in the region to support its operations and holding military exercises back to back. Also, Turkish President Erdogan started threatening the EU, citing historical references. On the sidelines of the events, growing war-preparedness from Greece and Turkish warning with mention of Israel, both assume much significance. 

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