Russian destroyer claims to have chased away US submarine from Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean  

Russian destroyer claims to have chased away US submarine from Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean  

Moscow / Washington – The US submarine, which infiltrated the Kuril Islands region during an ongoing Russian naval exercise in the Pacific Ocean, was driven away by a Russian destroyer, claimed the Russian Defence Ministry. Russia has also been said to have summoned a US military representative and reported the concerning incident. Currently, the incident draws attention in the wake of tensions created between Russia and the US over the Ukraine issue.  

Kuril Islands Kuril Islands

Moreover, Russia and the West have begun aggressive military moves over the Ukraine issue in the last few days. Russia has made large military deployments in Belarus along with the Ukraine border. At the same time, large-scale naval exercises have been launched in various regions within the Russian marine limits. The exercise in the Pacific Ocean is also considered a part of this.  

While the Russian naval exercise was ongoing, an Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft and a Russian submarine noted the moves of the US submarine. The US Virginia class nuclear submarine was detected patrolling near the island of Urup in the Kuril Island region. Russia’s Pacific Fleet destroyer Marshall Shaposhnikov was informed. Then the destroyer asked the US submarine to identify itself and leave the Russian territory. However, as the US submarine ignored it, the Russian destroyer chased it and drove it off, the Russian Defence Ministry informed.  

Kuril IslandsThe Russian Defence Ministry said that the incident occurred between 10.30 am and 11 am on Friday. The incident was also reported to a US military representative in Moscow and a protest of the incident has been lodged. The US Defence Department has denied the incident. The US spokesman clarified that the information of the US submarine being in the Russian territorial waters was not valid. However, the United States has not revealed the name of the submarine and the information in the context of its campaign.  

Even in the past, Russia had claimed US submarines and warships being detected near the Russian territorial waters. Currently, the festering of tensions between the two countries over the Ukraine issue makes the US submarine’s voyage closer to the Russian borders eye-catching. 

Meanwhile, it has surfaced that US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron had a telephonic conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday. The talks lasted for about an hour and a half with French President Macron. Putin did not give any indication in the context of an attack on Ukraine, French officials informed. 

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