President Donald Trump warns ‘if Biden’s wins, China will own the United States’

President Donald Trump warns ‘if Biden’s wins, China will own the United States’

Washington: US President Donald Trump has warned that ‘Joe Biden had championed China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO). It turned into a major disaster for the US. China has always used the excuse that it was a developing nation. However, this will not be allowed henceforth. If Biden wins, China wins. If Biden attains victory, China will be in control of the US.’ Trump once again lambasted China over Coronavirus pandemic as he accused the country of spreading the virus across the globe. Trump blamed Chinese supporters for trying to influence the US at the behest of China and appears to have made it the primary subject of this year’s elections. 

बिडेनUS presidential elections are due in the next month and US President has intensified his stance against China. President Trump took a dig at China and said that ‘The Chinese regime tried to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus in other parts of its country. At the same time, the country did absolutely nothing to stop the spread in the US, Europe and other nations of the world. China is responsible for the devastating situation in the US. Trump went on to warn that China will have to pay for the economic damages the US had to suffer as a result of the Coronavirus.  

बिडेनApproximately 8 million people have been infected by the Covid-19 pandemic while more than 200,000 are dead. The discontent among the people of US against China is thereby growing and Trump too has intensified his battle with ChinaHe hinted at initiating new action against China as he spoke about Hong Kong and putting an end to the influence of Chinese firms in the US. The US Department of State have warned of imposing new sanctions on banks and financial institutions in Hong Kong. Simultaneously, the department has also indicated blacklisting the Ant Financial, which is an affiliate company of China’s tech giant Alibaba.

बिडेनMeanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also lambasted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) saying the threat it posed to the US was real. He also reprimanded that the previous US administrations had provided the CCP access to all sectors of the country. Moreover, State Secretary Pompeo said that the US must remain aware of the fact that the money from the ruling Chinese party is being used to weaken the democracy of the state. 

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