Developments to boycott China Winter Olympics gain momentum  

Developments to boycott China Winter Olympics gain momentum  

Washington/London/Beijing: – The developments to boycott the Winter Olympics in China are gaining momentum, given the Uyghur genocide and trampling of human rights in Hongkong and Tibet. Last week, US President Joe Biden made a statement in this regard. After that, movements on the diplomatic level have also started in the United Kingdom and Canada. Moreover, the officials of the concerned countries have endorsed this too. Earlier, in July, the European Union passed a resolution for its member countries to decline an invitation for the Winter Olympics 2022 organised in China.   

 boycottThe Winter Olympics are scheduled in China in February next year. Massive preparations are underway for this. Besides, the organisers have already declared that there will be no foreign audience for the competitions. Analysts and experts have warned that China will use the games to strengthen its position and influence at an international level. However, there seems to be a growing dissent against the Winter Olympics to be held in China.   

Over the last year, issue of human rights violations has been the main reason for this displeasure. A few years ago, the United Nations had exposed information regarding the atrocities against the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province. Various reports regarding the issue have surfaced after this. Besides, China has been exposed to dumping millions of Uyghurs in torture camps and using them as slaves. The stand that this is genocide is gaining ground. Moreover, the United States has also announced to that effect. Extensive lobbying is being done in several leading countries, appealing them to term atrocities against Uyghurs as genocide.   

Along with the Uyghurs, the issue of the new law imposed in Hongkong and atrocities against the Tibetan people has also appeared to the fore. Against this background, the demand to boycott the Chinese Winter Olympics is becoming more intense. Last week, the US President gave indications of the embargo before the Three Amigos Summit held in Washington. Reactions have been received after that from the US political circles regarding the issue.   


Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton have demanded the US administration to announce boycotting the Winter Olympics. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the boycott is necessary to teach China a lesson.   

Along with the United States, the political moves regarding the boycott are gaining momentum even in the United Kingdom and Canada. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has supported the proposal for the boycott and Foreign Minister Liz Truss has taken an adamant stand in the matter. Sources informed that discussions are being held among the lawmakers and Ministers over the subject. Foreign affairs spokesperson Cerin Khori clarified that Canada also is preparing for a boycott on the Winter Olympics and discussions are being held with the partner countries.   

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