Israel’s operation against Hamas was the world’s first AI war, Israeli military official says 

Israel’s operation against Hamas was the world’s first AI war, Israeli military official says 

Jerusalem: ‘The Israeli army used artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputing in its recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza. It was the first AI war the Israeli military fought against thousands of Hamas rockets. For the first time, artificial intelligence was a key component and power multiplier in fighting the enemy,’ an Israeli military official announced. He also warned that even if a ceasefire is declared, it will not hold for long, but Israel is fully prepared for the next conflict. 

‘एआय युद्ध’, AI warThe Israeli military claims that it dealt significant blows to Hamas in the 11-day conflict. A large number of senior Hamas leaders and commanders were killed in the clashes. Also, Hamas is said not to have other commanders to replace some of these leaders and commanders. The Israeli military also said it had caused significant damage to the network of tunnels and naval bases constructed by Hamas in Gaza. ‘Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists fired hundreds of rockets every day. Therefore, the Israeli military’s success is attributed to AI-based technology,’ a senior IDF official told the local media. 

‘This was the first AI-based operation for the Israeli army. The technology made it easier to launch precise attacks on hideouts of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders, senior commanders and terrorists and destroy bases of terrorist groups,’ the Israeli military official said. The official made his point by citing its operation against Hamas’ senior commander Bassem Issa and senior Islamic Jihad commander Hassan Abu Harbid using AI. 

‘एआय युद्ध’, AI warDuring the Israeli airstrikes, Hamas leader Issa was hiding in the underground tunnels with his associates. Israel could precisely target Issa’s hideout that was surrounded by schools and hospitals. Issa and his accomplice, Hamas’s cyber and missile command head, and other terrorists were killed in these attacks. On the other hand, Israel could also target Harbid, hiding in a friend’s house in a separate room in a civilian building, with AI’s help. Only Harbid was killed in the attack and left the house without any damages. Besides, the Israeli official claimed that apart from terrorists, none of the Palestinian civilians were harmed in the two operations. 

In addition, Israeli military officials have revealed that AI has been used extensively in other operations. Moreover, before entering into the conflict with Hamas, the Israeli army had for two years acquired in-depth information on the Gaza Strip, the locations of Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and the underground tunnels. These included ‘Signal Intelligence’, ‘Visual Intelligence’, ‘Geographical Intelligence’ and intelligence information and more. 

‘एआय युद्ध’‘Based on all of this, the Israeli Army’s special intelligence unit had created programs such as the ‘Alchemist’, ‘Gospel’, and ‘Depth of Wisdom’. The programs and AI were used in the conflict against Hamas. The Gospel used AI information to provide the Israeli Air Force with up-to-date information on Hamas’ locations. It could help avert many attacks on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The information provided by the Alchemist with the AI made it easy to acquire details of Hamas attacks on the Israeli military and sensitive areas well beforehand. It could help avoid a lot of damage to the army,’ the Israeli military official said. 

Meanwhile, leading countries around the world have started producing AI-based drones, planes, ships, military vehicles, tanks, robots, while some countries are reportedly testing AI-controlled weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin had said a few years ago that the country most advanced in artificial intelligence would rule the world. 

Israel has shown that they are far ahead in the field of such advanced technology. Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups are celebrating victory in Gaza, claiming they have defeated Israel in the 11-day conflict. ‘The 11-day conflict was not a war waged by Hamas, but only a drill. We are capable of much more,’ Hamas asserted. Besides, people against Israel around the world are also expressing satisfaction over it. In such a scenario, the information provided by Israeli military officials about AI is astounding. 

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