Taiwan should focus on increasing its missile production to counter China’s attack

ex-Taiwanese defence secretary

Taiwan should focus on increasing its missile production to counter China’s attack

Taipei: Taiwan should diversify and increase its missile production and grow its stockpiles to respond to China’s attack, former Defense Secretary Tsai Ming-hsien suggested. When the Chinese regime threatened Taiwan a few years ago, its military warned that it had thousands of missiles ready and aimed at Taiwan. Therefore, the former defence secretary’s warning is striking, given the past events. 

हल्ल्याला प्रत्युत्तर, missile productionIn the last two years, China has begun to intensify its policy against Taiwan. The ruling communist regime, which used to speak of peaceful reunification of Taiwan, has now started to warn of attacking and taking over the island nation openly. Just last month, Xi Jinping, leader of the Communist Party and President of China, had issued a stern warning over unifying Taiwan. “Any effort towards Taiwan’s independence will be thwarted by decisive action,” President Xi warned, indicating that China’s communist regime would never forgo the Taiwan issue. 

China’s preparations for a military operation against Taiwan appear to be in full swing. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted about 100 drills in the South China Sea near Taiwanese waters in the last three months. A whopping 150 stealth fighter jets have been deployed in the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea. China has intensified grey zone warfare against Taiwan, with warships, submarines and fighter jets regularly infiltrating the island nation’s borders. 

The United States and its allies have taken serious cognisance into China’s expansionist activities and have initiated moves towards Taiwan’s security. The US and European warships are regularly patrolling areas near Taiwan. Japan and Australia have openly signalled they will back Taiwan. The United States has recently approved the sale of 40 Howitzers and other weapons to Taiwan. In light of the recent events, Taiwan is also focusing on the indigenous production of arms. A few months ago, Taiwan had announced the construction of an indigenously built submarine. The island nation is also producing destroyers while some destroyers have joined the navy. In April, Taiwan had announced progress in the development of indigenous fighter jets. 

This was followed by Taiwan, indicating the indigenous development of artillery guns and armed vehicles. On the other hand, Taiwanese sources have claimed that the island nation is also preparing to buy anti-submarine helicopters from the United States. Provision will be made for it in the defence expenditure. According to sources, Taiwan may purchase 10 MH-60R Seahawk helicopters from the United States. Amid the preparations, the advice of the former Taiwanese defence secretary of focusing on the development and deployment of missiles assumes significance. Former Defence Secretary Tsai Ming-hsien has warned that the deployment of missiles is part of Taiwan’s deterrent strategy and would be a necessary aspect in terms of asymmetric warfare. 

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