Ukraine’s aspiration for NATO membership is a threat to Russia’s security

Russian Spokesperson Peskov warns

NATO membership

Moscow: Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin, warned that Ukraine’s consistent expression of desire to be a NATO member threatens Russia’s security. Peskov also accused the United States of encouraging Ukraine to join NATO and European Union. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently visited the United States to put forth Ukraine’s stance regarding NATO membership. Russia’s warning proves vital against this backdrop.

सुरक्षेला धोका, NATO membership‘Since Russia is a common enemy to the United States and Ukraine, they both have become friends. There is no other reason apart from that for this friendship. Ukraine is consistently and openly expressing its aspiration to join NATO under the US leadership. In response, the US is continually encouraging Ukraine. However, Ukraine’s desire to join NATO is poses serious security risk to Russia. If Ukraine becomes a member, NATO could deploy its troops much closer to Russian borders,’ Russian Presidential Spokesman Peskov warned.

At the time, the Russian spokesperson also accused the United States of assisting Ukraine to become a member of the European Union as well. Peskov also claimed that both, the EU and NATO, were entities of the Cold War. Furthermore, Peskov also cautioned that Ukraine’s inclusion in both the blocs would directly bring the US and Europe at proximity to the Russian border.

सुरक्षेला धोकाA few days ago, the Ukrainian President had visited the United States. During the visit, President Zelensky only urged President Joe Biden to support Ukraine in acquiring NATO membership. Reports state that US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has assured Ukrainian President Zelensky in this regard. The US Defence Secretary said that the amendments under the newly established US-Ukraine Strategic Defence Partnership would help Ukraine attain a NATO membership.

However, European countries are not that keen to admit Ukraine to NATO. The Estonian President had slammed Ukraine, saying it would take the country at least two decades to meet the criteria for NATO membership.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had already warned that granting NATO membership to Ukraine would be a ‘red line’ for Russia. Simultaneously, Putin also warned a few days ago that NATO’s expansionist policies had created an

atmosphere of mistrust and tension in Europe, leading to fear of Europe’s disintegration. ‘The end of Cold War was believed likely to entitle an equal victory to the whole of Europe. Instead, tensions in Europe rose, and NATO was responsible for it,’ Putin alleged.

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