106 killed in Yemen conflict; Houthi rebels launch drone attacks on Saudi airport

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Aden/Riyadh – Over the past 48 hours, subversive activities in Yemen have killed 106 people. On Sunday, a bomb attack on a government vehicle in Aden killed six people, while the governor survived briefly. The Yemen military claims to have killed at least 100 Houthi rebels in a conflict in Marib. The Houthi rebels had carried out drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s main passenger airport on Saturday. The US, UAE and Egypt have strongly denounced the drone attack.  

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Since the past few days, the conflict between President Hadi’s government and Houthi rebels has gained momentum in Yemen. Moreover, Iran-supported Houthi rebels are carrying out attacks on major cities in Yemen, including Marib, and places in the north of Saudi Arabia. Since Friday, Houthi rebels have made another failed attempt to take over the Marib city. After about 48 hours of conflict, the Yemen army and armed groups in coalition with the Hadi government repulsed attacks by Houthi rebels.  

The Yemen military claims to have killed at least 100 Houthi rebels. However, the Houthi rebels did not respond. However, according to local news agencies, 64 bodies of Houthi rebels have been brought to Marib Hospital by noon on Sunday. Over the past few weeks, Houthi rebels had to accept plenty of casualties in the ongoing conflict for oil-rich Marib. On Saturday, Houthi rebels launched explosives-laden drone strikes on Jazan’s King Abdullah Airport in the Saudi city as revenge.  

१०६ जणांचा बळीThe attack launched at the Saudi airport injured passengers and employees at the airport. It included citizens of Saudi, Bangladesh and Sudan. Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz, the deputy governor of Jazan, expressed resentment over Houthi drone strikes that threatened civilian lives at the passenger airport. Over the past few days, Houthi rebel attacks on Saudi passenger airports have increased as well.  

Shortly after the attack, a bomb struck the city of Aden in Yemen on a Sunday morning. The blast targeted the convoy of Aden’s Governor, Ahmed Lamlas and Agriculture Minister al Socotri. Lamlas and Socotri survived the blast. However, the powerful blast has killed six civilians while seriously injuring others.  

A few days ago, an international analyst had warned that Yemen was once again on the brink of a major conflict. The withdrawal of the US from Saudi’s air defence system has affected Saudi’s air security. Exploiting this, the Houthi rebels are increasing their attacks on Saudi. The Houthi rebels had disclosed their intentions by firing missiles on the eastern parts of Saudi Arabia. If Saudi launches attacks on the Houthi rebels, the Arab allies would join the Saudi faction in the conflict as a counter effect. Hence, the analyst has already warned of a conflict erupting again in Yemen. 

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