Omicron variant spreads across 30 countries globally

patient count doubles in South Africa within 24 hours   

Omicron variant spreads across 30 countries globally

Geneva / London – The extent of infection of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which started from South Africa, is ascending. It has surfaced that the Omicron, which came to the fore last week, has reportedly spread to more than 30 countries. The number of patients in South Africa is growing rapidly and has doubled within 24 hours. In the coming months, more than 50% of Coronavirus cases found in Europe could be of Omicron, the European Union has warned.   

Omicron variantThe number of patients in South Africa, which has succeeded in reducing the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic, is once again increasing rapidly. The Omicron variant is responsible for that, and the number of patients has increased four-fold within one week. It has been informed that in the last 24 hours, 8,561 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in South Africa, with an addition of almost 100%. The percentage of suspected patients getting positive has gone to 16%. Whereas, it has been reported that the number of Corona patients getting admitted to the hospital has increased by 25%.   

According to the information given by the health experts in South Africa, mild symptoms have been found in the patient of the Omicron variant. However, it has been apparent that the vaccinated and even those who have had Corona once are being infected with the variant, the experts said. Though the spread of the disease increases rapidly, the extent of being fatal is low, experts in Africa have noted in their observations. Therefore, there is no need to panic over the Omicron infection at present, claimed the Africa CDC (Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) agency.   

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the scope of Omicron is slowly increasing internationally. Within a week, patients of the new variant have been detected in almost 34 countries globally. In the last three days, in the countries where Omicron patients have been seen, there has been an addition of almost 19 countries. It includes countries like the US, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Norway, Nigeria. In Norway, more than 50 patients of Omicron have been detected in a day.   

The maximal spread of Omicron has occurred in European countries, and so far, patients have been found in nearly 18 countries. Due to the new variant, the number of patients in Europe has been predicted to grow faster. It is feared, by the end of January, the majority of the patients in France will be of Omicron. Moreover, the European agency has warned, more than 50% of the patients found in Europe will be of Omicron in the next two to three months. 

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