50+ Chinese aircraft intrude Taiwan airspace in first weeks of 2022

analysts suspect its rehearsal before actual invasion  

50+ Chinese aircraft intrude Taiwan airspace in first weeks of 2022

Beijing / Taipei – China’s Defense Forces have signalled that it will increase its intensity more this year after more than 900 planes intruded airspace of Taiwan in the last year. In the first 15 days of the new year, more than 50 Chinese planes have raided Taiwan’s limits. Analysts have been claiming that this increasing incidence of Chinese intrusions is a rehearsal before the invasion of Taiwan.  

तैवानच्या हद्दीत घुसखोरीIn the last few months, China seems to be becoming increasingly aggressive over the Taiwan issue. In October, Communist Party supremo and Chinese President Xi Jinping had warned in invasive words over the issue of Taiwan’s unification. He had warned that any ongoing efforts for Taiwan’s independence, will be thwarted with decisive action. While giving this warning, China has also accelerated the movement of defence forces in the region near Taiwan.  

Since June, war exercises have been consistently ongoing in the South China Sea, and these also include exercises that are rehearsals for the invasion of Taiwan. On the other hand, it has surfaced that the naval militia consisting of fishing vessels and boats are constantly infiltrating Taiwan’s limits. Chinese fighter jets and warships are also pounding Taiwan’s realm.  

तैवानच्या हद्दीत घुसखोरीLast year, information of as many as 961 Chinese planes had intruded Taiwan’s airspace was provided by Taiwan‘s Defense Ministry. It had also been said to have tripled compared to 2020. At the same time, Taiwanese analysts have expressed concern that the severity of this could increase further next year. In the first 15 days, just after the start of the new year, it has surfaced that as many as 59 Chinese planes have entered Taiwan’s airspace. Department of Defense informed that out of 15 days, 13 days Chinese aircraft has infiltrated.  

Analysts have warned that the increasing incursion of Chinese aircraft is a rehearsal of a possible invasion of Taiwan. Besides, they have also claimed that the consistent incursions are an attempt to intimidate Taiwan and undermine Taiwan’s defence capabilities. Meanwhile, Taiwan has decided to buy additional Patriot missiles from the United States to respond to China‘s growing aggression.  

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