Indonesia signs a deal with France to purchase 42 Rafale fighter jets

Indonesia signs a deal with France to purchase 42 Rafale fighter jets

Jakarta: Indonesia has signed a deal with France to purchase 42 Rafale fighter jets. French Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parly declared it. Indonesia is the second country in the Indo-Pacific region to buy Rafale Jets from France. Earlier, India had purchased 36 Rafale Jets from France.   

42 Rafale fighter jetsMoreover, the demand for French company Dassault’s aircraft has increased after India purchased the Rafale jet. In the last few months, Egypt, UAE, and Greece, Croatia in Europe have bought Rafale aircraft from France. Following that, reports had surfaced that another country in the Indo-Pacific region was keen to buy Rafale aircraft with France. However, its details were not revealed.  

On Thursday, French defence minister Florence Parly revealed the details of the France-Indonesia deal on social media. She said Indonesia had signed an $8.1 billion deal for 42 Rafale aircraft. Indonesian state news agency quoted the defence minister and reported that an agreement to purchase six Rafale aircraft was signed. Besides, it has also mentioned that another deal would be signed to purchase the remaining 36 aircraft. It is claimed that Indonesia might buy more Rafale aircraft from France. Indonesia has also signed agreements with France to construct two Scorpion class submarines and purchase ammunition.  

42 Rafale fighter jetsCurrently, the Indonesian airforce has US-made F-16 jets and Russian Sukhoi aircraft. But, the fighter jets from both these categories had become outdated, and the Indonesian airforce required advanced fighter jets. The US State Department has approved the sale of 36 F-15EX planes to Indonesia. The United States and Indonesia would sign a deal worth $14 billion. But before that, Indonesia signed a deal with France to purchase Rafale Jets and strengthen its airforce.   

Meanwhile, international media has claimed that France has signed this deal to augment its influence in the Indo-Pacific. Last year, the United Kingdom and Australia signed the AUKUS deal. Moreover, Australia had cancelled the deal to offer nuclear submarines to France for that cooperation. France has expressed anger over it. Besides, Indonesia also expressed concern over the AUKUS deal. 

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